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Circular No.19


Manishinath Bhawan,

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New Delhi 110 027

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Dear Comrades,

            In accordance with the decision to have informal meeting with Chairman, periodically  the representatives of ITEF and ITGOA met him on 21.10.2009.  The following issues were taken up:

a)                 Notification on examination:  The representatives thanked the Chairman for issuance of  notification No.4 whereby the agreement reached with the ITEF had been given effect to.  The copy of the said notification is appended hereunder.

b)                 Mobile Phone facility for all employees and officers:  The proposal to provide mobile phone facility with a requisite talk time to all employees and officers of the Department with free interconnectivity has been given the green signal by the Chairman.  Accordingly, discussions are afoot with the BSNL authorities.  Shri A.K. Sinha, CIT (Co-ord), CBDT will meet Shri Goel, Chairman & MD, BSNL on 29th formally.  Prior to the said formal meeting the  details will be worked out in consultation with junior functionaries of the BSNL.

c)                  Desk top computers to all employees:  The representatives brought to the notice of the Chairman that no progress has been registered in the matter even though decision was taken two months back.  Chairman assured that the presence of DG (Systems) will be ensured in the next formal meeting and  whatever bottlenecks exists in giving effect to this decision would be sorted out.

d)                 Grade Pay for Inspectors:  The Chairman was apprised of the course of discussion as JS (Per), DOC meeting on 7th October, 09  Chairman responded by saying that he had met the Secretary (Exp) and Secretary (Rev) earlier and had already conveyed the growing discontent in the matter.  The ITEF representative requested him to seek the good office of Secretary (Rev) to take up the matter with the Finance Minister.  He has agreed to do so.  In the mean time the General Secretary of All India Central Excise Inspectors Association has conveyed their decision to join the one day strike action slated for November, 2009.  A joint meeting of the Central Excise Inspectors Association, ITGOA, All India Customs Inspectors, Preventive Officers Federation is being placed to decide upon the date of strike. 

e)     Revised Grade Pay for Gr. D employees:  We hope the training  programme for Group D employees must have been concluded in all the charges by now and they would have been granted the revised Grade Pay.  If there is any problem encountered by any charge, kindly get in touch with the CHQ.

f)  Laptops to AOs & PS:  Chairman said that the matter is underconsideration and could be finalized at the next formal meeting when the presence of DG (Sys) would be ensured.   Promotion for ITOs as ACs and for the DCs as JC:  Chairman assured    that the formalities for holding DPC would be completed soon and the DPC would be held by November, 2009.  He also said in the eligibility criterion sought by the Board in the matter of promotion as Joint Commissioners  has been approved by the Finance Minister and has gone for the concurrence of the DOPT.

g)           Grade Pay for AOs and PS:  The Chairman said that the Department of Expenditure would be approached for an expeditious decision in the matter. 

  i)    Transfer and posting of officers:  .  Chairman said that all the eligible officers would be transferred and would be accommodated in the parent charge subject to availability of vacancies by November end with a stipulation that they would be relieved only by first of January, 2010 to ensure that the assessment work is not jeopardized by the said transfers. 

 j)   Inter-se Seniority matter: The representatives requested the Chairman to ensure that the Court decision are implemented at least in the case of litigants as was assured during the discussions on 8th September 2009. without compelling them seek judicial remedy a huge financial burden on the employees.  Chairman asked the Member (P) to look into the matter immediately. 

Member (P) has also been asked to sort out the problems in publishing the Civil List by 23rd October, 2009.

k)      Next formal meeting:    The next formal meeting will be convened in November, 2009.


With Greetings,


                                                                              Yours fraternally,


                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Ashok Salunkhe)

                                                                            Secretary General


JCA Circular


Incometax Employees Federation

Incometax Gazetted officers Association


CHQ. Manishinath Bhawan, A/2/95 Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. 110 027.


M/12/2009                                                                                     Dated: 23rd October, 2009


Dear Comrade,


            The Central JCA met on 11th October, 2009.The Secretariat of the ITEF and the Managing Committee of the ITGOA had met earlier. The Joint Convenors presented the view points emerged from these meeting for the consideration of the Central JCA meeting. The Central JCA meeting was attended by all the Sectt. Members of the ITEF and the Managing Committee members of ITGOA. The meeting discussed the outcome of negotiations the JCA leaders had with the Chairman, CBDT and Member ( Personnel) on 8th September, 2009 which led to the postponement of the strike action slated for 9th September, 2009. Taking into account the views expressed by the comrades who participated in the discussion at the Central JCA meeting, the following decisions were taken.

1.      Taking into account the views expressed by some of the comrades at the meeting, it was decided to take up the following two issues independently by the respective Federations and accordingly to remove those demands from the charter.


(a)    Implementation of the Supreme Court decision in the matter of interse seniority of Inspectors ;

(b)    Universal application of the ratio laid down by the Court in the case of Shri Shukla.


2.      In the background of the continuing procrastination on the part of the Board and the Department of Expenditure it was decided to organize the one day strike action in the last week of November, 2009. The exact date will be finalized in consultation with the Organisations in the Central Excise and Customs Departments.


3.      The issues included in the 9 point charter of demands would be negotiated jointly.


4.      The struggle will be further intensified in case our just demands are not positively considered by the Board.


5.      Protest demonstrations would be organized as and when the Board authorities visit the field offices to convey the discontent of the employees over the inordinate delay in settling demands.


The revised charter of demands is enclosed.


With greetings,

                                                                  Yours fraternally,

  Ashok Salunkhe & Rajesh Menon

Joint Convenors




1.         Grant Grade pay of Rs. 4,600/- as per Government of India notification to Inspectors, Private Secretaries and Administrative officers and Rs.1,800/-to all Group D employees.


2.         Out of 1% incremental incentive:

            a. Reimburse Mobile phone charges to all employees in  the department

            b. Sanction Laptops to all Gazetted Officers including AO, PS / Sr. PS,

                on non-returnable basis.


3.         Implement all the agreements reached with the JCA on 08/09/2009 with regard to Departmental Examinations, 2009.


4.         Transfer DCIT / ACIT (who have completed 2 years cooling period and with spouse / medical / compassionate grounds, etc.) and revoke the transfer of officers, who are transferred before completing their tenure.


5.         Fill up all vacant posts  in gazetted and non-gazetted cadres and effect promotion to the cadre of ACIT/DCIT/Jt. CIT,  by giving one time relaxation. (Conduct DPC for ACIT  for RY 2009-10 and DCIT for RY as on 01/01/2009 and 01/01/2010).


6.         BPR to be implemented only after reaching an agreement with the JCA and stop outsourcing  of Departmental  functions.


7.         Grant Desktop computers to all Group C employees.


8.         Dispose of all vigilance cases pending beyond one year.


9.         Stop vindictive actions on our members in the light of the recent issue in MP, where an ACIT and his Addl. CIT posted at Gwalior, was suspended.





Monday, October 12, 2009

Circular No. 18/209


Manishinath Bhawan

A/2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi. 110 027.


E mail:

Circle No. 18/2009

Dated : 12th October, 2009


Dear Comrade,


                                    Sub: Secretariat meeting and decisions.


            The Secretariat met on 11th October, 2009 as per the notice issued on 19th September, 2009.  The following members of the Secretariat did not attend the meeting for reasons communicated by them in writing.


1.      Com. Hari om. Vice President

2.      Com. Y. Purohit., Joint Secretary

3.      Com. Babu Thomas, Asst. Secretary

4.      Com. B.N. Chikate. Asst. Secretary

5.      Com. Maheshchand Misra Asst. Secretary

Com. V.S. R; Krishna, Chairman, Disciplinary Committee and Com. Bimal Bose, Advisor also could not attend the meeting.


We give hereunder the decision taken at the meeting.


Agenda Item No. 1.


Review of the progress of implementation of the agreement reached with the Board on 7th and 8th September, 2009.


The meeting noted that the orders in respect of the agreement reached on the Examination 2009 have not yet been issued  It was reported at the meeting that the Chairman with whom the President had a meting on 10th October, has assured that the agreement would be honoured and the notification to give effect to it would be issued soon i.e. before the commencement of the Examination which is slated to begin on 26th October, 2009.  The meeting decided to boycott the O.P. Paper of the ITOS examination if the notification is not issued immediately.


Infra structure fund and facility of mobile phones.  Com. Secretary General apprised the house the discussion had with the Board authorities and the meeting of the Additional Commissioners of Income tax (H.Qrs) at Agra on 18th September, in the  matter.  The proposal for providing mobile phones with a certain amount of talking time to all employees and officers through a specific agreement with either BSNL or any other service provider, he added, has been mooted by the Board and the same would be finalized within a short time.  The Secretariat members (Com. Roopak Sarkar, Com. Ujjal Hore and Com. Nayak – all from West Bengal) were of the opinion that the ITEF should not have agreed for the issuance of the order of extending the facility for only 15 persons in a Range as it was contrary to the earlier decision taken in this regard.  The house appreciated the fact that ITEF West Bengal Circle had fully and completely implemented the earlier decision in as much as not a single employee has accepted the mobile phone facility.  However, the house was also apprised of the fact that the same was not the case elsewhere in the country baring a few circles.  The decision to accept the present proposal of the Board to extend the facility of 15 phones exclusively for the Non Gazetted employees was taken as an interim measure pending finalization of the proposal to provide the facility to all employees and officers within the available financial resources.  After some discussion it was decided that all Circle General Secretaries should ensure that the present scheme is implemented in their respective charges in the manner in which most of the employees would get the benefit of reimbursement of mobile charges.


The house also noted the negative development taking place in the case of BPR related outsourcing despite the assurance to the contrary from the Chairman, CBDT.


The house also noted that in almost all charges the training course has commenced for the Group D employees, the culmination of which will provide all non matriculate Gr D employees with the Grade Pay of Rs 1800.  However, the stipulated time limit viz. 30th October, 2009 would not be adhered to. 


The house was informed by the Secretary General that the last round of discussions the representatives had with the Joint Secretary (Personnel) Department of Expenditure on 7th October, 2009 had indicated that the issue would not be settled soon and is likely to be delayed as the Official side has decided not to the consider the case of  Inspectors in isolation.


The house also noted that despite the issuance of letter by the DI(HRD) addressed to the Chief Controller of Accounts, the Zonal Accounts officers have not stayed the recovery of the alleged excess amount granted to those who have claimed advance increment for passing the Departmental Examination.  The house asked the Secretary General to take up the issue once again before the Board to ensure that the recovery orders by the Chief Controller of Accounts was on flimsy and untenable grounds,


Agenda Item No.2.


In the background of the review of the progress of implementation of the agreement, the house was of the opinion that the postponed strike action should be revived and should be carried out in the winter session of the Parliament i.e. in the 3rd or 4th Week of November, 2009.  It was also decided that the Secretary General should hold discussions with the representatives of the Central Excise Inspectors Association and the Customs Preventive officers Federation to a united action in the matter. The Secretary General was asked to present the following proposal for the consideration of the Central JCA meeting slated for the same day in the evening.


(a)    to hold demonstration against the visiting dignitaries of the Board to ensure that the issues are sellted immediately.

(b)   To organize the one day strike in November, 2009

(c)    To follow up the strike action with a boycott of search and seizure and survey operations.

Agenda Item No. 3.


            The house after hearing the President and Secretary General decided to request the ITGOA leadership to ensure that during the course of agitations, the negotiations with the authorities should be conducted jointly and no independent discussions on any issue should be conducted by the respective organizations.


Agenda Item No. 4.

Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.


1.      The accounts for the period 2008-09 were presented.  This has to be got audited.  The house decided to immediately remit the dues to the former Secretary General.

2.      The finance Secretary wanted that all important decisions involving big financial outlay should be brought to the notice of the Sectt and appropriate decisions taken before the funds are defrayed.

3.      The decision taken at the Daman Working Committee meeting to co-opt personnel in the existing vacancies in the Sectt. was briefly discussed.  Some of the members raised the absence of constitutional provisions to do so. It was clarified that CWC operates all the powers and functions of the Conference in between two conferences

4.      Com Secretary  General informed the house of the receipt of the report of the Chairman, Dsciplinary Committee in respect of Com. Pankaj Saxena of ITEF Gujarath Circle.  The house decided to accept the report and direct the Circle General Secretary ITEF Gujarath Circle to act according to the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

5. The Secy. Genl. informed the house that till January, 2009, when the Foreign Service issue will be settled, any one of the following office bearers would be at the CHQ to look after the day to day work.

1.Com.KP.Rajgopal, President,ITEF, 2. Com.Ashok Salunkhe, Secretary General, 3. Com. Amitava Dey, Additional Secretary.









6.      It was also decided to take up the issue of  restoration of  FR 22(a)(1)(ii) benefit to whomsoever got promotion  to the merged/delayered cadres,from 1.1.2006 till the notification of the VI CPC report, at the appropriate level




With greetings,

Yours fraternally,



Ashok Salunkhe

Secretary General.



Consider inclusion of the under mentioned points.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Circular No. itef/17/2009




Manishinath Bhawan

A/2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi. 110 027.

E mail; itecentral@gmail. Com.


Dated: 7th October, 2009.

Dear Comrade,



We have just now sent you through sms the following message.





            After obtaining the necessary sanction from the Chairman, CBDT, the DIT (HRD) has written to the Chief Controller of Accounts for the stay of recovery of the amount arising from the grant of advance increments for those who had passed the Departmental Examination in 2006,2007 and 2008.  In fact the orders of the ZAO were illegal which should have been properly objected to by the CCITs.  The audit objection would become final only after receipt of the reply from the concerned authority and considered by the Audit.  No such procedure has been adopted by the ZAO in this matter.  This apart, they had no difficulty in granting Qualification pay for those Auditors and Accountants who had qualified the SAS Examination.  The rule that is quoted in our case was chosen not to be invoked in their own case.  Despite the issuance of the letter by the Board for stay of recovery till a final decision in the matter, we have been informed by the Circle General Secretaries that some of the ZAO has been insisting in making the recovery.  We are, therefore, left with no alternative but to tread the path of agitation.  Hence the above message. 




The Examination for 2009 stands postponed in view of the election in Maharashtra and Haryana.  The exam will now commence from 26th October, 2009 as per the decision of the Directorate in this regard.


So far the Board has not given its consent to make the amendments in the rules in respect of the following:

(a)    chance to improve performance for SC/ST candidate.

(b)    Omission of O.P Paper from the ITOs Examination

(c)    Reduce the negative marking from 1/4th to 1/8th.

The Sectt. Will meet on 11th and if no orders are issued by them we will be constrained to call upon all to boycott the Examination in view of the continuing impasse in the matter.


GRADE Pay for Inspectors.


            Today we had a meeting on the above subject with the JS(Per).  The issue has not been settled.  . Contrary to  the decision taken by the Revenue Secretary earlier to the effect that the issue will be separately considered and appropriate decision taken, the Expenditure Department has now proposed to consider this along with all other similar issues and demands. In view of this development, the Sectt. Meeting which is slated for 11th might be constrained to revive the decision to organize strike action in the winter session of the Parliament. 


With greetings,


Yours fraternally,


Ashok Salunkhe

Secretary General.

Secretary General.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Manishinath Bhawan,
A/2/95, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi-110027

Telephone No : 2510 5324 Telefax 2513 1593
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Website: itef.blogspot

ITEF/ 16 /09
Dated 6.10.2009
Dear Comrade,
Placed hereunder is the image file of DI [HRD] letter to the principal controller of Account for staying the recovery on account of grant of advance increments on passing the Departmental Examination after 1.1.2006 from the 6th CPC arrears. You may kindly approach the ZAOs for necessary action in the matter.

With greetings

Yours fraternally
Ashok B. Salunkhe.
Secretary General