Friday, October 31, 2008

Central JCA decides to intensify the agitational programme




Manishi Nath Bhawan, A-2/95, Rahjouri Garden,

 New Delhi-110 027 Tel: 2510 5324 Telefax: 2513 1593


Joint Convenors,

K.K.N.Kutty & Rajesh D Menon.


M-12/2008                                                                                                    Dated : 29th October, 2008



Please refer to the JCA circular dated 14.10.2008, giving details about vigorous implementation programme of action, which started with Mass Deputation to CCIT and including Stoppage of Statistical Reports & Survey and Demonstration before the Chairman & Members visiting at all places across the country. As on date, there is no communication from the Board, calling for a discussion. The meeting of Chairman with JCA scheduled to be held on 27/10/2008, at Mumbai, was abruptly cancelled.


Meanwhile, Order No. 141 promoting ITO as ACIT was issued on 27/10/2008. But, there was a rider (at para 8), which has the effect of nullifying the very promotion. By virtue of this clause, many CCIT (CCA) has taken a decision of not allowing the promoted officers to join as ACIT immediately in their respective regions, thereby causing financial loss to these officers due to denial of promotion increment. Instead, they are calling for vigilance clearance and intend to relieve them with a direction to join the new place. What is shocking is that in 4 promotion orders for the cadre of CIT, Addl. CIT, Jt. CIT & DCIT, issued in July & August 2008, there was no such clause. Further, our request for making the transfer effective from 01.04.2009 has been summarily rejected. On the transfer & posting, Board has been insensitive by not considering the accepted grounds of Child's education (10th & 12th Std.), Spouse in non-transferable Govt. job, which are very religiously followed in case of Addl. CIT & CIT's postings. More than 50 Officers have been posted beyond their Zones and without considering their choices, even when there was sufficient vacancy in the neighboring states/regions. A detailed memorandum dated 27/10/2008, on this issue has been submitted to the Board, copy of which is enclosed for ready reference.


In the light of the above, it appears that we are in for a protracted & prolonged struggle. Central JCA has decided to intensify the agitation, as under:

On 31/10/2008 - Lunch Hour Demonstration followed by Telegram to Chairman & a copy to CCIT (content for the said Telegram will be sent by E-mail tomorrow)

Suggestions for intensifying the agitations such as Stoppage of Search Action u/s. 132, etc. may be informed before 02/11/2008, when Central JCA will be meeting to finalise future course of action.


With fraternal greetings,




Yours comradely,

Sd/-                         Sd/-        

( K.K.N.Kutty  &  Rajesh. D. Menon )

Joint Convenors.

Encl.  Memorandum to CBDT dated 27/10/2008



Copy of Central JCA's letter addressed to the Chairman, CBDT.

Sub :    Order No. 141 promoting ITO as ACIT

   not  being  implemented –  reg.

            Please refer to the above.


2.         The above Order dated 27/10/2008 is not being implemented i.e. CCIT (CCA) are not allowing any of the officers promoted, to join or assume charge as ACIT, by quoting para '8' of the said order, which reads as follows:

" The CCIT (CCA) concerned, to which the officers are posted, shall ensure that they are clear from vigilance angle, no disciplinary / criminal proceedings are pending against them and are not under suspension before they are allowed to assume charge as ACIT. The status of vigilance clearance in respect of the officers being promoted will be indicated by the CCIT (CCA) concerned when they are relieved."

3.         In none of the earlier orders, for any of the cadres, a rider such as above, was ever mentioned. Following Orders issued in the month of July & August 2008 is cited as a proof of this :

            Order No. 105/25-07-2008     -  Promotion of Addl CIT as CIT

            Order No. 101/22-07-2008     -  Promotion of DCIT as Jt. CIT

            Notification dt. 10/08/2008       -  Promotion of ACIT to DCIT

            Notification dt. 11/07/2008       -  Promotion of Jt. CIT to Addl. CIT

4.         The interpretation of almost all CCsIT on the above issue is that :

  1. CCIT (CCA) will check up the vigilance clearance of all ITOs of their respective region, who have been promoted as ACIT.
  2. Thereafter, CCIT (CCA) will relieve the said ITOs for enabling them to join in the new place of their posting as ACIT.
  3. ITOs  in  whose  cases,  the  place  of  posting  is  mentioned  as   'Will be intimated later',  will be allowed to assume the charge of ACIT, only after their place of posting is informed by the Board.  

5.         The following is our interpretation on the matter :

A.        Relevant averments in the said order :

Para '1' of the said order states as under :

" President is pleased to appoint the following Income Tax Officers, presently posted in the region shown against their names, to officiate on regular basis in the grade of Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax (ACIT) in the pay scale of 8000-275-13500 (pre-revised) with immediate effect and until further orders ….."

Para '2' of the said order states as under :

" Consequent upon promotion of the above mentioned officers, the following postings / transfers in the grade of Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax are hereby ordered ….."

B.        Financial  implications

Promotion invariably involves financial elevation and this is clearly evident in the para '1' of the present order no. 141 also. As per CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 on all promotions, an officer is entitled to an increment equal to 3% of the present Basic Pay + Grade Pay and the difference in Grade Pay between the said two grades i.e. before & after promotion.

For an ITO with a Basic Pay of Rs. 9750/- (pre-revised), the increment will work out to Rs. 750/- and the total increase in pay would be Rs. 1,095/- per month (with HRA @ 30% of Basic + Grade Pay) i.e. Rs. 36.50 per day. But this increment and increase in pay would be eligible, only from the day, an ITO assumes charge of ACIT. In other words, if an ITO assumes the charge of ACIT only after one month, then that ITO will continue to draw the same pay which he or she was drawing before promotion.

Thus, by not assuming the charge of ACIT, there will be a financial loss of Rs. 1,095/- per month or Rs. 36.50 per day (for the officer in above eg.)

For joining in the new region, where an ACIT has been posted, an officer is entitled for joining time as applicable (depending upon the distance). But, if an ITO does not assume the charge as ACIT, immediately on promotion, then such officer cannot draw the pay of an ACIT during the period of joining time, thereby causing a financial loss.

C         Required  course  of  action :

Accordingly, all those who have been promoted as ACIT will have to first assume charge as ACIT by giving joining report in the regions, where they are working as ITOs addressed to CCIT (CCA), through proper channel.

6.         It is pertinent to bring to your kind notice that the rider incorporated as para 8 to the order No. 141 actually nullifies the promotion order itself.  We are constrained to believe that the said rider was thought of as an instrument to obviate the administrative difficulties arising from the relieving of officers at this crucial juncture when they are saddled with time barring assessment work.  Had our suggestion to promote them now and relieve them only on 1.4.2009 to enable them to joint at the new place of posting been accepted (as has been done on so many earlier occasions), it would have created no administrative problems at all. 

7.         In the above said Order, there are about 50 Officers whose Posting Options (all the three) have not been considered. Further, accepted grounds for retention in the place of origin i.e. Child's Education in 10th or 12th std. & Spouse working in Govt. in a non-transferable post has not been considered.  Besides, there are 10 Officers, in whose case, the place of posting is stated as 'Will be intimated later'. Last but not the least, ITGOA had requested for making transfer effective from 01.04.2009, for avoiding any inconvenience to the officers, as the academic year 2008-09 was in the mid-way and your good self had accepted in principle that this proposal is in the interest of Revenue.

8.         In view of the above,  all CCsIT (CCA) needs to be instructed to let the promoted ITOs of their region, to assume charge as ACIT in their office and then complete the formalities of vigilance clearance, relieving, etc. Here another pertinent point is that presently the attendance in the Office of DIT (Vig.) & CCIT (CCA) is less, on account of Diwali and other festival related R.H. 

9.                  We, therefore, request you to kindly resolve the issue by issuing necessary orders to enable the promoted officers to take over charge as Assistant Commissioners immediately as had been the case on all earlier occasions and continues to be so in the case of promotions being effected to the cadres of Deputy Commissioners, Addl. Commissioners, Commissioners, Chief Commissioners and even when the CCITs are elevated as Members and Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes\,in order to avoid an unpleasant situation of the ongoing agitation getting intensified on this score.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,




                                                                                                                      Dated : 31st October, 2008




The Chairman,

Central Board of Direct Taxes,

North Block, New Delhi – 110001,

Ref. :  Order No. 141 dated 27/10/2008, with special reference to T & P – reg.


In the Lunch Hour Demonstration held before Aayakar Bhavan / I.T. Office  at __________, today i.e. 31/10/2008, it has been unanimously resolved to demand the following :

I.        Settle all the issues raised in the 13 point Charter of Demands already submitted.

II.     Proper distribution of 1% incremental incentive amongst all Staff & Officers in the Dept.

III.   Allow the promoted officers to join as ACIT (OSD) in the month of October 2008 itself.

IV.  Immediate Stay of portion relating to Transfer & Posting till 31/03/2009, in the said Order.

V.     Consider Accepted Grounds for retention i.e. Child's education (10th or 12th Std.), Spouse working in non-transferable job in Govt, etc.

VI.  One out three posting options, must be considered while finalizing posting or else the officers must be posted within the Zone only. 


Joint Convenors – JCA __________ (ITEF & ITGOA)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Circular No.49 CWC meeting decisions

Dear Comrade,
Placed hereunder is the Circular No. 49 detailing the decisions taken at the CWC meeting held at New Delhi on 18th October, 2008.


Manishinath Bhawan A/2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi. 110 027.

Phone/Fax : 011- 2510 5324  ;Mobile: 98110 48303



ITEF/ 49/2008                                                                            Dared: 21st October,2008


Dear Comrade,


CWC meeting and decisions


The Central Working Committee meeting of the ITEF was held at New Delhi (C.R.Building, Canteen Hall) on 18.10.2008 as per the notice issued  on 14.09.2008. The CWC meeting was inaugurated by Com.S.K.Vyas, President, Confederation of CGEs and Workers at 11.30 AM. The meeting was also addressed by Com.M.S.Raja, Secy. Confederation and Com.K.Raghavendran, Secy. General, National Federation  of Postal Employees, New Delhi. The meeting was attended by all Units except the following:

                        ITEF    Pune Circle

                        ITEF    Orissa Circle

                        ITEF    North Eastern Region Circle

                        ITEF    Bihar Gr.D Circle

                        ITEF    NWR Gr.D Circle

                        ITEF    Western and Eastern UP Gr.D Circles


Com.P.V.Ramchandran, Vice President had intimated his inability to attend the meeting. Com. Amitava Dey, Finance Secy. and Com.D.P.Acharya, Asst.Secy. were not present. Before the formal agenda items were taken up for discussion, Com. Secretary General apprised the house of the efforts and timely trade union action of the ITEF Delhi Circle on 23rd  due to which only the Examination rules were ultimately relaxed. The entire house in appreciation thereof expressed their gratitude through a standing ovation.


Agenda No.1 : Minutes of the earlier meeting was confirmed.


Agenda No.2 : After hearing the President and Secy. Of the Confederation and the presentation made by the Secretary. General ITEF the house unanimously endorsed the suggestion of the National Executive of the Confederation to organize indefinite strike action in pursuance of the 20 point charter of demands. The house decided to go in for a strike ballot in the first week of Dec.2008 in view of the impending State Assembly elections at Rajasthan, MP, Delhi, Chattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir. The format for the strike ballot will be separately communicated by the CHQ in consultation with the Confederation.


Agenda No.3 : The house approved the submission made by the CHQ in this regard to the Board. It was clarified by the Secretary General that the upgradation of the pay scales of the following Categories/Cadres have already been taken up by the Board with the Deptt.of Expenditure.

1.      Inspector of Income Tax

2.      Administrative Officers Gr.III

3.      Private Secretary

4.      AD (O.L)

5.      DPA Gr.B


To the specific query raised by the Comrades from Delhi Com.General Secretary stated that the case of DPA Gr.B being in the pre-revised scale of pay of Rs.6500-10500/  has been included in the proposal sent to Dept. of Expenditure for upgradation of the pay scales.


Com. Secy. General also informed the house that the ITEF Secretariat have discussed the said issue with the DG(HRD) on 17th and as per his request a detailed note on the proposal pertaining to Tax Assistant/Steno Gr.III and restructuring of AO Gr.III, II and I would be submitted shortly. The need for assigning higher Grade pay for LDC, he said would be taken up with the Govt. as it is a common category. He also informed the house that the DG has been apprised of the necessity  to impart training to those Gr.D employees who are not matriculate, within the stipulated time frame of six months. The Note as and when submitted to the DG, he assured the house, would be placed on the Website of ITEF.


Agenda No.4: The house reviewed the ongoing programme of action under the auspices of the JCA. The house noted that the ITGOA Units of Western UP and Tamilnadu, have not been participating in the actions. The AP unit of ITEF has not yet commenced the action.. In certain other units, the programmes, though begun have not picked up momentum. The meeting reiterated the need to ensure that the programme as decided upon is carried out in all charges to make possible for a meaningful negotiation. It is only after the commencement of the programme of action that the Board has taken up the issue of providing Mobile phone to all employees. The house asked the Secy. General to monitor the implementation of the programme by interacting with circle General Secretaries. The house also decided that the Central JCA must be requested to convene a joint working committee/managing committee of the two organizations. The house was informed that the Central JCA is slated to meet on 3rd November 2008.

Agenda No. 5 :   The following issues were  taken up for discussion –

a.                            Verification of Membership: the Circles were asked to collect declaration forms from all members and submit the same to the CCIT immediately.

b.                           To immediately make the payment on a/c of renewal fees, donation and Aayakar dues as indicated in the list circulated.

c.                            Extension of  time for holding conference at MP  and Vidharbha: ITEF MP & CG Circle will conduct the conference before 20th Dec.2008 and Vidharbha by 10th Jan.2009

d.                           To take up with Board that TA recruitment to be based regional level as earlier.

e.                            Bengal Circle may chalk out independent agitational programme for allocation of 52 posts and transfer of CIT charges.

f.                             The Secy. General will take up of regularization of daily rated workers as per the DOPT notification with the Board to issue necessary instruction to CCITs.


Com. Ashok Salunkhe proposed Vote of thanks and expressed gratitude for the excellent arrangements made by ITEF Delhi Circle for the conduct of the CWC meeting at a very short time on behalf of all members of the CWC.


With greetings,


Yours fraternally,


K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Central JCA's letter dated 14.10.2008

Dear Comrade,
Placed hereunder is the ITEF Circular No. 48/2008 dated 15.10.2008


Manishinath Bhawan

A-2/95 Rajouri Garden,New Delhi. 110 027


Phone: 011-25105324

Mobile: 98110 48303




Dated: 15.10.2008

Dear Comrade,


            Placed hereunder is the Central JCA's letter to all the units.  You may kindly download the same.  We have been informed by some of the Circle General Secretaries that the JCA's earlier circular letter has not been received by some of the ITGOA Unit.  As per the information passed on to us by the Secretary General ITGOA, he has conveyed the programme of agitation to all its units. This circular has also been e mailed by him to all the units of ITGOA.  You may kindly interact with the State General Secretaries of ITGOA and ensure that the programme is carried out with cent per cent participation.


            With greetings,


Yours fraternally,




Secretary General




Copy of Central JCA's Circular letter dated 14th October, 2008.

Joint Convenors,

K.K.N.Kutty & Rajesh D Menon.


M-12/2008                                                                       Dated: 14th October, 2008

Dear Comrades,


Please refer to the JCA circular dated 22.09.2008, giving details programme of action, which were as under :

1.                  23rd Sept. 2008: Mass Deputation to CCIT with memorandum,

2.                  From Ist October, 2008:

a)  No statistical reports except Parliamentary Question, to be prepared/ submitted.

b)  No survey including TDS Survey/verification to be conducted/participated

c)  Demonstration on the first visit of Board Chairman/Members at all places, as decided by the State JCA


This is to inform you all that the above said programme is being implemented with full enthusiasm and vigour, almost in the entire Tax India.


The Administration is adopting its usual strategy of spreading confusion amongst our rank and file, by holding independent discussion with local / regional leadership and informing them that there is no agitational programme at other centres and pressurizing for reports and/or surveys. In this direction, it is gathered that the Chairman, CBDT stated during the Video Conferencing on 13/10/2008 that he is not aware of any agitation programme. This is despite an agitation notice duly served before commencement of the said agitational programme. Further, all the regional JCA also has served similar notices on the respective CCIT (CCA).


As on date, there is no communication from the Board, either calling for a discussion or a clarification on the pending issues. Besides, all of you must be well aware, how and under what circumstances, the Departmental Examination was got postponed, with the sole aim of providing an open chance to all.


Another important thing that all should also take note of are anomalies in the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 especially w.r.t  Inspector, Admn. Officer (Grade III & II), PS / Sr. PS and ITO. Although, a meeting was held with the Board and also with Revenue Secretary and a detailed memorandum has been submitted, nothing concrete has come forth, till now.


In the light of the above, it appears that we are in for a protracted & prolonged struggle. At this juncture, all the regional JCAs and all the member officers & staff are requested, not to give in to the divisive strategies of the Administration and strongly implement the agitational programme. Only then, can we ever achieve our just and equitable demands.

            With fraternal greetings,





Yours faithfully,


Sd/-                         Sd/-            .


( K.K.N.Kutty  &  Rajesh. D. Menon )

Joint Convenors


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Circular No. 18/2008

Circular No.18/2008



Manishinath Bhawan A/2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi. 110 027

Phone: 011 2510 5324

Fax: 011 2510 5324,




Dated:10th  October 2008


Dear Comrade,


            Placed hereunder is a letter the Confederation has written to the Secretary, Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India on certain anomalies and problems pertaining to CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 and allowances.  The note was prepared on the basis of the representation we have received from various quarters.  You may kindly go through the same and if any other issues are to be presented, you may kindly write to us without further loss of time.


            With greetings,


Yours fraternally,




Secretary General

Copy of our letter in D/16/2008 dated 10th October, 2008 on CCS(RP) Rules and allowances


Dear madam,

                                    Sub: Clarification and instructions sought on CCS(RP)

                                             Rules 2008 and orders on allowances.


            We send herewith a note indicating the problems /anomalies while acting upon the CCS(RP) rules 2008 and orders issued by the Govt. on certain allowances. The note is prepared on the basis of the feed back we had from various affiliates. We request you to kindly look into these issues and do needful in the matter.


            Thanking you,

Yours faithfully



Secretary General

I.                    Revised Pay Rules. 2008.


(i). Option.

It has been mentioned under sub rule 4 thereof that the option once exercised shall be final and should be exercised within three months from the date of notification the rule vide Sub Rule I thereof.  Since it is very difficult to comprehend and assess the implications of such option, we propose that the first option exercised within three months may not be treated as final and the employees be permitted to revise the option within six month of the date of exercising the first option.


(ii) Special allowance and qualification pay which are taken for fixation purposes on promotion should be doubled with effect from 1.1.2006 and not from 1.9.2008 as it cannot be construed to be an allowance.  If this is not done, senior employees will suffer loss in emoluments, in case of promotion during the period between 1.1.2006 and 1.9. 2008.


 (iii). Note 1(a) under Clause D of Rule 7(a) may be modified by deleting the first sentence and the word "thereafter" in the second sentence.


(iv) The clarification No. 6(ii) issued vide O.M.No. F.1.1.2008-IC dated 13.9.2007 is in conflict with the mode of fixation as given in illustration 4A in the explanatory memorandum to the Revised Pay Rules, 2008 referred to Note 2A to Rule 7.


(v) Rule 8 of the Revised pay rules. On going through the table for fixation given for new entrants and the existing employees in the same stage (especially at the minimum of the scale of pay) we find that the new entrants are fixed at a higher stage compared to the existing employees as per illustration given hereunder.

Gr.Pay                         Pay of new entrant        Pay of an existing employee at the

                                                                                    Minimum stage

            2000                            8460                            8060

            2400                            9910                            9840

            2800                            11360                          11170

            This anomaly is to be removed by appropriate revision of fitment tables.


            (vi) Rule 9 Date of next increment

It is seen after going through the stipulation in the above rules that a person whose increment falls on 1.1.2006 will get the increment on 1.1.2006 in the pre-revised pay scale and will get the next increment in the revised pay structure 1.7.2006.  i.e. on expiry of six months.  Similarly those, whose next increment is between 1st July, 2006 and 1st December, 2006 would also be granted next increment in the revised pay structure on 1.7.2006.  On the other hand, the persons whose increment dates fall between Ist. Feb. 06 and Ist June, 06 has to wait for  more than 12 months to get the next increment on 1. 7. 2006.  This is quite anomalous.  In the case of those who retire during the period between Ist Feb. and 30th June, they  may suffer  a loss of one increment perpetually thus affecting their pension.  It is, therefore proposed that the persons whose increment falls between Ist January to Ist June, 2006 must be given one increment on 1.1.2006 as a one time measure.


(vii) Tax deduction from salary:

Spread over of  the arrears of salary is permissible under Section 89(a) of the I.T. Act. No tax will thus become payable by Group D employees on account of receipt of arrears eventually.  Therefore, executive instructions may be issued not to deduct any tax from the arrear payment pertaining to the Group D employees.  In respect of others, they may be allowed to exercise option to tax the arrears either on receipt basis or accrual basis. 


(viii) Retired Group D employees

There may be many non-matriculate Group D employees, who retired or died from Service on or after 1.01.2006 and therefore may not be entitled for the upgraded P.B 1 with Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/ with effect  from 1.1.2006 as per the extant instructions. It is requested that in such cases they may be deemed to have been trained and assigned the  P.BI with Grade Pay of 1800/= with effect from 1.01.2006 and their pension recomputed on that basis.


(viii) Temporary status Casual Labourers 


As per existing scheme  the employee who are afforded temporary status are paid the wages computed with reference to the minimum of the corresponding scale of Pay of regular employees. In the case of Group D temporary status employees, it will become necessary that they are afforded the requisite training if they are non-matriculates.



1.      Transport allowance.


On the issue of transport allowance, the Board of arbitration has given an award, according to which the rates are to be fixed on pay slabs and not on pay scale ( or Grade pay, as the case is  now). This apart, the transport allowance presently granted, is after subsuming the CCA, which had all among been related to Pay and not the  Pay scales.

It could be seen from the orders issued by the Government, that the transport allowance in respect  of persons in category II thereof is not only related to Grade Pay but also on basis with reference to  pay in the pay band. However, a different basis has been adopted in respect of the highest rates( i.e Rs.3200+DA or Rs. 1600+ DA). We therefore request that under mentioned Note may be inserted for category I. also

"those drawing  grade Pay below 5400/= but drawing Pay in the Pay band equal to   14,800 and above"



2.  Daily Allowance on Tour


The DA rates may be revised with regard to those drawing Grade pay of 4200 to 4800 and below 4200 in the following manner.


Rs. 4200 to 4800 – Reimbursement of hotel accommodation of upto Rs 1000/- per day;  reimbursement of travel charges upto Rs 150 per diem for travel with in city and reimbursement of food not exceeding Rs 200 per day. The reimbursement of travel and food charges may be made on self certification.


Below Rs. 4200 - Reimbursement of hotel accommodation of upto Rs 700/- per day; reimbursement of travel charges upto Rs 150 per diem for travel within city and reimbursement of food not exceeding Rs 200 per day. The reimbursement of travel and food charges may be made on self certification.







Friday, October 10, 2008




Manishinath Bhawan

A/2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi. 110 027

Phone: 011 2510 5324 Fax: 011 2510 5324


Confederation Circular No. 16/2008


Dated: 10th October 2008



Dear Comrades, 


This is in continuation of our circular letter of date (No. 16). We have decided to cancel the programme slated for Monday the 13th inst. on Bonus issue.  The Govt. has issued the orders raising the calculation ceiling limit from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500.  We place hereunder the copy of the order for your ready reference.  The members may please be informed accordingly.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General.


Copy of the O.M. No. 7(23)/E.III-A/2007, GOI, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, dated 10th October, 2008




Subject. Grant of PLB and adhoc bonus to Central Government employees-revision of calculation ceiling.


            Consequent upon recent amendment to 2(13)and Section 12 of the payment of Bonus Act 1965 enhancing the calculation ceiling effective from 1.4.2006 the question of extending similar benefit to Central Government employees has been under consideration of the Government.  The President is now pleased to decide that the calculation ceiling for payment of productivity linked bonus (PLB) and Adhoc bonus to all eligible  Central  Government employees shall be as follows w.e.f. 1.42006 i.e. from the year 2006-07 onwards:-


                                                                        Calculation ceiling

                                                                        Existing             Revised

(emoluments per month


PLB in Railways                                               Rs.2500/-          Rs. 3500/-

PLB in other Deptt. Organisations.                     Rs.2500/-          Rs,.3500/-

Adhoc bonus for employees not covered

by any PLB                                                      Rs, 2500/-         Rs,.3500/-


2. In so far as the persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Departments are  concerned, these orders are issued in consultation with the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.


3.                   Hindi version of this office memorandum shall follow.



(Madhulika P. Sukul)

Joint Secretary to the Government of India.