Friday, January 30, 2009

President’s message on the eve of the 57th anniversary of ITEF.

President's message on the eve of the 57th anniversary of ITEF.


Dear Comrades,

10th February is an important date in our Calendar.  It is on this day in 1953 the Federation was born.  It was pioneering efforts of the founders of the organisation.  They travelled throughout the country, met comrades and persuaded them to come under one flag, to build a united trade union movement of the tax employees.  They were dedicated comrades, with vision, determination, commitment and competence. They encountered insurmountable difficulties both from within and without.  Quite a number of able and competent comrades followed their foot-step, suffered and sacrificed to build this organisation of which we are all proud of.  We had been part of the struggles organised by the Indian Working class against the neo-liberal economic policies.  We, in the ITEF can really be proud of what we could achieve on 20th August, 2008.  Our comrades ensured that the total membership of our Federation participated in the strike.  Not a single office of   our department, of the 529 we had, opened for public transaction on that day, a feat unprecedented and unparallel.  The 26th All India Conference at Chennai had mandated us to be in the forefront of the struggles against the economic policies.  We strived hard and we reached the top.  The Indian working class can be proud of the fact that their incessant struggles had, if not halted the unbridled race to liberalisation and reforms, certainly slowed its pace and we could escape from the terrific impact of the global financial meltdown.  With the determined and principled opposition of the left parties in the Parliament, the PFRDA bill could not pass through the Parliament.  We have aligned ourselves with the toiling and struggling masses of the country.  As per ILO report, which appeared a few days back in the Newspapers, 51 million people have lost their livelihood due to the global financial crisis.  We are not insulated from its impact.  We have a large number of workers in the IT industry, and the global recession will impact their life and livelihood.

            We are meeting in our 27th delegates' conference at Mumbai.  Our conference begins on 10th February, 2009.  All the leaders of ITEF will be at Mumbai.  The ITEF flag which will flutter in the sky of Mumbai will be unfurled with the salute of our national and state leaders.  That is a special occasion, no doubt.  I shall plead with my comrades to ensure that the ITEF flag is hoisted in front of all offices in memory of the great services and sacrifices of those comrades, who built ITEF as a militant and united movement of tax employees.

            The VI-CPC recommendations, in so far as tax employees are concerned, were extremely disappointing.  The Department of Expenditure has refused to agree even to what we are legally and genuinely entitled to. Serious struggles including strike action will become inevitable.  The ensuing Conference, the supreme decision making forum of ITEF, will deliberate upon this issue. To act upon the decision of the Conference would be our immediate task.  We must be determined and confident and above all forge unity at all levels, for we must win this battle.

            While I convey my best wishes on this historic occasion of the 57th anniversary of ITEF, I urge upon you to uphold the spirit of Unity and struggle.

            With Warm greetings,


Yours fraternally,



10th Feb. 2009.                                                                                                President

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Renewal fees dues and Voting rights

Dear Comrade,
Placed hereunder is the renewal fees due from the circles after adjusting  the payments received as on date.  The entitled number of delegates and voting rights as on today are also indicated .  KKN. Kutty.
Circle category Membership for 2006-07 Balance as on 20.01.09 Entitled delegat/voting right on full payment reduction due to non payment entitled delegates/votes as on date
AP C 1662   -1336 8 0 8
AP D   453 9502 2 2 0
BENGAL C 5395   27800 27 7 20
BENGAL D   1346 8015 7 4 3
BIHAR C 1043   -72 5 0 5
BIHAR D   262 5949 1 1 0
DELHI C 2649   -940 13 0 13
DELHI D   745 19770 4 4 0
DIRECTORATE C 411   32422 2 2 0
DIRECTORATE D   169 6054 1 1 0
GUJRAT   2783 609 43984 17 11 6
KARNATAKA   1365 316 7342 8 2 6
KERALA   815 182 0 5 0 5
MP&CG   1226 364 0 8 0 8
MUMBAI C 5081   19360 25 5 20
MUMBAI D   1186 0 6 0 6
NER   668 193 18921 4 4 0
NWR C 2062   34471 10 6 4
NWR D   520 21633 3 3 0
ORISSA   456 168 7001 3 2 1
PUNE   1463 326 15805 9 4 5
RAJASTHAN C 984   0 5 0 5
RAJASTHAN D   412 -29 2 0 2
TAMINADU   2644 620 0 16 0 16
VIDHARBHA C 610   6354 3 2 1
VIDHARBHA D   207 2855 1 1 0
EASTERN UP C 1167   43063 6 6 0
EASTERN UP D   465 21487 2 2 0
WESTERN UP C 1434   15438 7 4 3
WESTERN UP D   487 18230 2 2 0
    33918 9030 383079 212 75 137

Friday, January 23, 2009

Draft Resolutions for XXVII- AIC

Dear Comrades,


Placed hereunder is the draft resolutions on Common and Departmental issues to be presented in the XXVII All India Conference at Mumbai from 10 to 14 Feb. 2009.  You are requested to go through the same.  If any resolutions other than the under mentioned ones, on common or departmental issues are to be included, the same  may be sent to the steering Committee with a note on each item so as to reach us by 5th February, 2009.  KKN Kutty.











1.      Grant Rs 10000/- as minimum wages as per ILC norms and modify the VI CPC recommendations accordingly.

2.      Grant minimum fitment benefit of 2.625 times of pre-revised pay to PB 1,2 & 3 as has been done in the case of PB4.

3.      Grant 10% of pay + Grade pay as minimum benefit on promotion

4.      Fix the date of effect of all allowances as 01.01.2006.

5.         No performance related pay or bonus scheme, formulate PLB Scheme in all sectors.

6.   Revise Transport and Daily allowance as demanded by JCM National council.

7.   Remove condition of 6 months for applying the uniform date of Ist July as increment date

8.   Grant ACP on hierarchical system obtaining in each department and remove all other conditions

9.   Retain and improve CGHS and make medical  insurance scheme optional.

10.  Remove clause (iv) of OM No. 13019(2)/L/Estt. Dtd.18.11.08 with regard to Child Care Leave.

11.  Direct all the Departmental Heads  to settle VI-CPC related Department specific problems by fast track mechanism.

12.  Grant civil servant status and pension to Gramin Dak Sevaks.

13.No reduction in the commutation value and restoration of full pension after 12 years.

13.  Compute the pension entitlement on the basis of notional pay as on 01.01.19976.

14.  Grant statutory defined pension scheme to the employees recruited after 1.1.2004 and withdraw the PFRDA Bill From Parliament.

15.  Implement the Board of Arbitration Award.

16.  Remove the arbitrary ceiling of 5% and 3 years conditions on compassionate appointment.

17.  Restore Standard Deduction for salaries employees;

18.  Vacate all victimizations;

19.  Withdraw the proposal of closure of CGHS facilities/Department;

20.  Increase the minimum insurance cover to Rs.1,00,000 under the CGIS;

21.  Sanction Winter liveries to employees posted at Nagpur;

22.  Constitute Departmental Fast Track Committees for the VI CPC immediately;

23.  Increase the amount of festival advance to Rs.5,000/-

24.  Medical reimbursement should be given to all medicines prescribed by the AMA;

25.  Restore the Grant for medical reimbursement from  Salary head as earlier;

26.  Recognise private hospitals for medical reimbursement where CGGHS facilities are not available;

27.  Withdraw the Labour Reforms Bill;




1.                  Place the non-metric Group D staff in PB I with grade pay of Rs 1800 as per VI CPC recommendatiosn.

2.                  Place Inspectors, AOs and PS in grade pay of 4600/ as per para ((ii) of Part B of Section I of Govt. notification.

3.                  Integrate the excess staff car drivers in the mainstream cadres depending upon their educational qualification.

4.                  Grant grade pay of Rs 2000/ to LDC on par with the Notice servers.

5.                  Place all TAs and Stenographers with requisite qualification in PB 2 with grade pay of  Rs 4200/-

6.                  Grant grade Pay of Rs 4600/ to Office Spdts ; Rs 4800/- to Inspectors, Administrative Officers & Private Secretaries and Rs 5400/- to ITOs.

7.                  Restructure the cadre of AOs as suggested by the JCA.

8.                  Accord notional effect of pay revision to ITI and ITOs from 1.1.1996.

9.                  omplimentary staff be provided along with  higher Posts;

10.              Provide proper infrastructure and training and other facilities to officials;

11.              Take strict and immediate action against the authorities who do not deduct the monthly subscription of ITEF as per the instruction of DOPT;

12.              All Departmental Enquiries/proceedings must be completed within a period of One year on initiation;

13.              Dispense with the practice of initiating proceedings  on the verge of retirement;

14.              Dispense with outsourcing of the  Staff Car Drivers duties and stop hiring vehicles for official use.

15.               Implement all decisions delivered in favour of employees  pending further appeal by the Department;

16.              Issue instruction to effect transfers of Gr.C & D in accordance with transfer policy agreed upon by the RJCM and not on recommendation of Local Placement Committees;

17.              Review the Cadre Restructuring proposal as per the Cabinet Note from 2006 in relation to the workload;

18.      Establish office  of ZAO at Raipur for Chhatisgarh State; Ranchi in Jharkhand;  Trivandrum in Keralaand Field Pay Units at Jamshedpur Bhagalpur and Hazaribag in Jharkhand;

19.              Shift the Office of CIT from Bilaspur to Raipur/Bhilai

20.              Provide Holiday homes/guest houses in all major tourist spots;

21.              provide sufficient funds for the Petrol allowance to Inspectors and Notice servers. 

22.           The  proposals  that are pending with  Board for construction office building/residential quarter
             should be cleared immediately;

23.        No transfer be made after attaining the age of 55 years;

24      Notify the pending Recruitment rules immediately;

25     Remove the pay range restriction for grant  of Scooter/Motor Cycle Advances;

26       Provide Raincoat to all Notice Servers;

        27      Night Duty allowance may be given to Watchmen;

28    Establish MSTU at  all CCIT Charges.

29    top other Statistical Reports except CAP I & II.

30    Construct residential accommodation in all places;

31    Provide rest-room for Care-taking Staff and women employees in all building;

32    Ensure equitable distribution of workload;

33    Modify and circulate the Duty-list of all cadres in Gr.C as suggested by ITEF;

34    Benefit  of ACP be given to pre-restructured LDCs who are converted as TA s taking into consideration of their service as LDC';

35    Convene the RJCM in accordance with rules;

36    Implement the CAT decision in the case of DEOs designated to prior to restructuring and option of one time merger be allowed;

37    Provide manpower according to workload;

38    Provide mobile phone reimbursement to all employees.

39    Grant advance increment to all on passing Departmental Examination for higher post.