Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Manishinath Bhawan,

A/2/95, Rajouri Garden,

New Delhi 110 027

Circular No.2/2012-15 Dated 28th February, 2012

Dear Comrade,

We have been able to get the reports of the strike participation from all our circles today. In all the states the strike was 100 percent success. The reports received by the Circle General Secretaries from the branches were collated, and we are proud to inform that in many stations even top officials either did not come to office or preferred to return after seeing the total strike by the employees. Invariably in all places the Casual/contract workers and contingent paid employees either remain absent or joined the striking employees making virtual closure of Income Tax Offices throughout the country.

The strike call given by the Central Trade Unions evoked mammoth response throughout the country and paralysed life in many states. The Central Government Employees under the banner of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers responded admirably to the call for strike. A Press note released by the Confederation of CG Employees and Workers is enclosed.

We once again congratulate the leaders of the Circles for the great efforts undertaken by them especially when they could reach back only on 27th just a day prior to the strike from Mehsana after attending the All India Delegates Conference. The massive preparation made by them before the conference and the efforts taken by the branch/unit level leaders to keep the tempo upbeat in the absence of their leaders for a week prior to the strike, has resulted in the massive participation of all employees and making the strike a grand success.

With Red Salute,

Yours fraternally,


(K.P. Rajagopal),

Secretary General,



Manishinath Bhawan, A/2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi. 110 027

Date: 28th February 2012


The General Strike of Indian working class for which the call was given by the Central Trade Unions and endorsed by all the Federations and the Central and State Govt. Employees elicited the largest participation today. The increased participation of workers in the industrial action was indicative of the growing realization of the need to struggle against the present economic policies of the Govt. of India.

The Central Govt. employees throughout the country responded to the call admirably in as much as the strike was almost total in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur and about 80% in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and partial in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Arunachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat.

The strike was no doubt an impressive reflection of the total discontent of the employees over the various policy decisions like scrapping of the existing pension scheme, outsourcing, contractorisation and privatisation which have threatened the job security. The increasing prices of essential commodities had added to the agony and despite periodical wage increase through the system of Dearness Compensation, the employees found it difficult to make the both ends meet with the existing emoluments.

The Confederation National Secretariat while congratulating the Central Govt. Employees in general for the total co-operation in making the strike action a grand success, particularly place on record the exemplary and magnificent achievement of Income Tax Employees Federation and All India Central Ground Water Board Employees Association, who could make cent percent of their members to participate in the strike.

We once again call upon the affiliates to go ahead with the preparation of the next strike action in pursuance of the 14-point Charter of Demands which are of exclusive concern to Central Government Employees.

K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General


Manishinath Bhawan,

A/2/95, Rajouri Garden,

New Delhi 110 027



Dated: 26th February, 2012

Dear Comrades,

XXVIII All India Delegates Conference of

ITEF held at Mehsana (Gujarat) from 21-24 February

The XXVIII all India Delegates Conference of ITEF was held at Mehsana (Gujarat). The inaugurual and open sessions and Delegates sessions were held at Com. Jetalal Jadav Hall, in Water World Resort from 21st Feb. to 24th Feb.2012. On 21st the Conference began with the flag hosting by President Com. K.P. Rajagopal in the presence of all delegates, veterans, invitees and leaders of fraternal organizations. Both the Inaugural and Open sessions were held on 21st February, 2012 at 3.00pm and 6.oopm respectively at the same venue. The inaugural sessions was held for the first time sans the presence of any authority from the Central Board of Direct Taxes.

In the Inaugural session on 21st February, 2012, Com. Umesh Mehta, Chairman Reception Reception Committee welcomed the Guests and delegates. In his welcome address he touched upon the agony of the working class in this country due to the implementation of the new economic policies and called upon all to resist the onslaught of the majority people of this country due to the wrong policies of the successive Governments. While delivering the Presidential Address Com. K.P. Rajagopal criticized the stand taken by the CBDT Officials to ignore the invitation of the only Organisation representing the entire non-gazetted employees in the Department. He also touched upon the issues of delay in getting the Cadre Restructuring proposal approved by the Government, non finalization of the Cadre composition and need to strengthen the Joint movement of Income Tax Employees Federation and Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association. He also stressed that a strong JCA is the need of the hour to bring the CBDT authorities to be sensible .

The Conference was inaugurated by Shri Nitinbhai Patel, Minister for Water resources and Urban Development, Govt. of Gujarat. While inaugurating the Conference the Hon’ble Minister commented upon the functioning of the ITEF and assured all help from the Government of Gujarat. Shri M.D. Kabra, IRS, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (CCA)Gujaratwas the Guest of honour, who in his address expressed happiness over the cordial relations with the ITEF,Gujarat Circleand wished the conference all success. Other distinguished guest Com. P.S. Rastrapal, Hon’ble member of Parliament fromGujaratand a formal leader of tax employees, who had accepted our invitation to be the guest of honour at the open session, however, could not attend due to ill health and sudden hospitalization. He had sent a message of well wishes and greetings for the conference.

While addressing the gathering, the Secretary General Com. Ashok B Salunke expressed his gratitude to the Comrades of Gujarat under the leadership of Comrades Umesh Mehta, K. R. Jadeja and Com. K. Madhusudanan for the excellent arrangements made for the conference and the comfortable stay of the delegates, guests etc. He also touched upon the pending demands of the Income tax Employees and the achievements made by the Federation during the last three years. He also impressed upon the need of the hour to function unitedly under the banner of JCA and also made an appeal to all to make the ensuring Industrial action of 28th February 2012 jointly called by All the Central Trade Unions including INTUC & BMS a cent percent success.

Com. Rajesh D Menon, Secretary General of ITGOA, while greeting the delegates and wishing the Conference a grand success, informed the house that the members of ITGOA are on agitation on non settlement of their demands by the authorities especially that of inordinate delay in conducting DPC for the promotion to the post of Assistant Commissioners. He stressed the need of a joint agitation under the banner of JCA to get the authorities to attentive mode to the just and genuine demands of the Officers and employees of the Department. He also forcefully stated the preparedness of ITGOA for strengthening and waging a relentless agitation under the banner of JCA to get the just and entitled benefits to the members. He declared that while not a single Gazetted Officer of the Central Government is going for any type of action on the day of 28th February 2012, ITGOA members will be on a half day walkout in solidarity with the ITEF members and other working class of this country.

The Secretary General of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers and Advisory Committee Member Com. Kutty while addressing the delegates dealt with the demands and problems of the Central Government Employees and agony inflicted on the people due to the policies pursued by the Government. The policies, he said, had put the people and working class in a miserable condition and allowed the microscopic minority of rich to become richer and muti billioners. The scams involving billions of rupees stashed in foreign banks by a few individuals were fecilitated by these policies. If the country could withstand the havoc created by the world economic recession of 2008-09 it was due to the presence of strong Public Sector Undertaking and the firm stand and resistance put forth by the working class against the privatization process of these PUCs. He appealed to the Tax employees not only to make the Strike action of 28th February, 2012 a grand success, but stressed the need of the ITEF taking the lead in organizing the strike in the Central Government Employees movement.

Com. K.R. Jadeja, Convenor Reception Committee proposed the vote of Thanks and said that the endeavor of the Comrades of Gujarat would be to give all comforts and facilities to the delegates during their stay and conduct of the Conference in a smooth manner.

The Open session was also held at the same venue from 6.00 PM. to 8.30 PM. The session was inaugurated by Shri Shaktisinh Gohil, MLA and Hon,ble leader of opposition in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. Com. S.K. Vyas, President of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers in his address said that the ITEF is the most vibrant and militant organization among all the Central Govt. employees organizations. He , while speaking, went in detail of the demands on which the workers of the country is going for a one day strike on 28th February, 2012. Com. Sita Ram Rao, President of Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association addressed the audience. He also stressed the need to strengthen the joint movement in the Department. He opined that the present attitude of the authorities may be due to lack of a strong united resistance and sooner than later we have to show them that the Officers and employees cannot be ignored and the lethargy and dilly dallying attitude would not be tolerated. Com. M. Krishan, Secretary General; of National Federation of Postal Employees addressed the open session and congratulated the ITEF of being the most militant among the affiliates of Confederation and touched upon the necessity of making the 28th February, 2012 strike a historic one. Com. M.S. Raja, Secretary General, All India Audit and Accounts Association commented upon the strength and unity of the Income Tax Employees under the banner of ITEF while dealing with the general issues in detail. Com. Brigu Bhattacharya, Secretary General of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association also addressed the gathering and dealt with common issues on which the CG Employees are embarking on Industrial action. Com. Kaushik Roy, Secretary General, All India Central Excise Inspectors Association and Com. Asis Chakraborthy, Secretary General, All India Customs Gr. D. Officers Association were the other fraternal leaders who addressed the meeting. Both of them stressed the need of reviving the Revenue Coordination Committee and requested the ITEF to take lead for the same to achieve the demands common to the employees of the Department of Revenue.

With Vote of Thanks by Com. Ashok B Salunkhe, Secretary General of ITEF the open session came to an end at 9.00 PM.

The Delegates session commenced from 11.00 am on 22nd Feb. 2012. The agenda items were taken up for discussion.

Agenda Item No.1.

Condolence Resolution. Com. Secretary General read out the Condolence resolutions to pay respectful homage of the house to the departed comrades and leaders. Two minutes silence was observed in memory of the departed.

Agenda Item No.2.

Confirmation of the minutes of the last Conference.

The detailed minutes of the XXVII Conference held at Mumbai had already been published in the journal Aayakar. However for the felicity of easy reference, the same had been incorporated in the Conference document as Annexure 1. At Page No. 42. The house after discussions and incorporating the minor omission pointed out by Com. Vengatesan (TN Circle) approved the minutes.

Agenda Item No.3.

Presentation, consideration, discussion and approval of the report and accounts submitted by the Secretary General;

The Secretary General presented the report and highlighted the various issues incorporated in the report. He said that the resolutions on departmental and common issues have been incorporated in the report on the basis of what had been received at the CHQ. He added that the members who had not responded earlier might express not only opinion on the demand already incorporated but present fresh issues for the consideration of the steering Committee. The Accounts for the period under consideration was presented by the Finance Secretary Com. Rupak Sarkar. While participating in the discussion all the speakers supported and endorsed the report and some omissions were pointed out in the Secretary’s report. Some of the speakers wanted certain clarifications and details of expenses ,while participating in the discussion on accounts.

The report and the accounts were discussed at length and the deliberations were summed up by the Secretary General and informed the house that the suggestions made by the members and modifications required will be incorporated. The Finance Secretary gave clarification for the points raised with regard to the accounts and the re-drawn balance sheet was presented in the house. The report and accounts were unanimously approved by the house.

The proposal placed by the Secretary General for approval of the nomination of Chairman of the Steering Committee and Credential and nomination of two more members to these committee to carry out their functions in the Conference. The proposal was approved by the house and thus the full committee was constituted as under:

  1. Credential Committee : Com. Yeshwant Purohit, Chairman, Com. Babu Thomas and Com. Santosh Nair -Members.
  2. Steering Committee Com. Govardhan, Chairman , Com. D.P. Acharya and Com. Subba Reddy -Members.

The agenda following items Nos. 4,5, were taken together.

4. Matter for consideration and decision under article XVIII of the Constitution, if any.

5. Amendment to the Constitution.

The proposals received and placed by the Steering Committee for consideration of the house was discussed at length and the following amendments to the conference were approved in the Conference.

  1. To increase the yearly renewal fees to Rs 30/- from the members in the Pay Band 1 and Rs 50- from the members in the Pay Band 2.
  2. Circle Presidents to be made as Working Committee Members – Thus Article IX B (i) shall read as under.

“Central Working Committee:- It shall consist of the CHQ Secretariat members, the Circle General Secretaries and Presidents”

Another proposal moved by the Tamilnadu Circle to amend the provisions for incorporating eligibility to contest the posts in the Circle Secretariat, Executive Committee and Working Committees by any delegate in the Circle Conferences. It was clarified by the Secretary General that as far as the constitution, formation, election etc. to the Circle bodies are concerned, it is the prerogative and powers of the Circles to lay down the procedures in their decision making bodies.

The House also approved the suggestions made by the Chief Election Commissioner on the basis of queries raised by certain circles with regard to filing of nominations for multi posts in elections and remaining in the field as such. After discussion it was decided to amend the “Code of Conduct” of the constitution as under:

“A delegate may file nominations for as many number of posts in the initial stage, but should withdraw his nominations filed for other than the post he prefers to contest before the time of withdrawal. If after final withdrawal, any delegate found to be in the field of Election for more than one post, all the nominations of that candidate will be construed as invalid”.

The resolution passed in the Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh Circle conference for bifurcation of the Circle into two and creating separate Cadre Control authorities in state jurisdiction basis was discussed in house. It was decided to send the proposal to the Authorities first for consideration of Cadre Controlling Authorites separately for the two states.

Agenda Item Nos. 7 and 8 were taken together

Discussion on Departmental issues and problems; Discussion on Common issues concerning Central Govt. employees and adoption of resolutions thereon.

The Chair while inviting the Secretary General to briefly present the major issues and the status of the demands pending requested the delegates to participate in the discussion and cover the Organisations issues in their presentation.

The Secretary General presented the organizational issues like functioning of Confederation, revival and strengthening of JCA, Issues concerning the Casual labours including their regularization, present status of Cadre restructuring proposal, Reasons for the delay in finalization of the Cadre Composition proposal, Fixation benefit/ problems on upgradation of Grade Pay of Inspectors, Advance increment on passing Departmental Examination, etc.

The Steering Committee Chairman Com.B.N. Govardanan, presented the report of the Committee based on the demands and proposals sent by the Circles. The same was passed after detailed discussions. The Following comrades participated in the discussions on the above agenda items and presented their views and suggestions.

Comrades B.N. Chikate (Nagpur), Sunil Bulgoankar (Nagpur),Yeshwant Purohit and P.S. Thakur (MP & CG)D.P. Acharya (Orissa), C.K. Jha and Mukteswar Prasad Singh ( Bihar & Jharkhand), Suba Reddy (AP-C) Md. Yakub (AP-D); Ombir Singh (Delhi), Chandan Singh (Delhi-D), Raveendran B Nair and Santhosh Nair (Mumbai-C), Rupak Sarkar and R. Mahato (Bengal-C) Manmohan Naik (Bengal –D), M. Venkatesan (Tamilnadu) Sajeevan and Babu Thomas (Kerala) Madhusudanan and Sudhkaran (Gujarat),J.P. Singh (up Lucknow-C) Anupam Mishra (Lucknow –D) Prasanth Vidwans (Pune) Vinod and Nagesh (Karnataka) S.P. Sharma (Rajasthan –C) Nathuram Meena (Rajasthan –D) Ajay Tiwari (UP Kanpur-C) Prikshit Vasudeva (NW Region) Subir Mujumdar and SubhadeepKar (N.E. Circle)

The resolution passed in the house and demands and issues raised by the members other than the demands contained in the Steering Committee report will be finalized and circulated separately. While summing up the discussion, the Secretary General briefed the feeling of the house and proposed to the house that resolution of some of the department specific issues cannot brook delay and therefore the house might authorize the Sectt. and the CWC to immediately meet and decide on future agitational programmes including strike action. The house then passed a resolution authorizing the Secretriate to embark upon agitational programmes including strike action, if no settlement, as assured by the CBDT earlier is not brought about on the charter of demands and especially on the pending issues immediately.

The Conference decided that the newly elected CHQ Secretariat should meet immediately to chalk out necessary campaign programme to popularize the demands and mobilize the members for the eventual action, to be organized.

Agenda Item 9- Discussion and adoption of resolutions on policy and programmes.

The policy and programme read out by the Secretary General was approved by the house. The same will be separately circulated alongwith other resolutions.

Agenda item 10- Presentation of the Budget estimate for the ensuing three year and adoption of appropriate resolutions to strengthen the financial position of the ITEF(CHQ).

The budget estimate prepared and presented on behalf of the Secretariate,after brief discussion was approved by the Conference.

Agenda item 11. Discussion on matters connected with the journal Aayakar.

The statement showing the outstanding on account of Aayakar was taken up for discussion. Some members pointed out that Aayakar is not being received by them properly. Further more space should be utilized for Departmental and issues concerning the Central Govt. employees. Some circles pointed out the discrepancies in the outstanding. After discussion the Secretriate informed the house that the suggestions will be taken into account while publishing/ dispatching the magazine and the discrepancies pointed out in the outstanding will be reconciled. The house then appealed to the circles to clear the outstandings.

Agenda item No. 12- Discussion and adoption of appropriate resolutions on the nomination of members to Departmental Council and National Council JCM.

The proposal put forth by the Secretary General to renominate Com. KKN Kutty to the National Council of JCM was approved by the House.

Agenda item No.13- Election Of Office bearers for the ensuing term of office.

On 23rd February at 11.00AM, the Chief Election Commission read out and issued the notification for the election of Office bearers and the Schedule of Election. After completing the Process, on 24th February, 2012 at 11AM the Election Commission declared the result and the following comrades were declared elected to the Secretariate for the ensuring three year term.

1.President Com. Ashok B Salunkhe (Mumbai)

2.Vice President (General)2 Posts Com. Prikshit K Vasudeva (NWR)

Com. K R Jadeja (Gujarath)

3. Vice Presidents Gr. D 1 Post Com. Hari Om(Delhi)

4. Secretary General Com. K P Rajagopal (Tamilnadu)

5. Additional Secretary - Com. Ashok Kr Kanojia(Delhi)

6. Joint Secretary(JCM) (1 Post) Com. Ravindran B Nair (Mumbai)

7.Joint Secretary (1 Post) Com. Yashwant Purohit (MP&CG)

8. Finance Secretary (1 Post) Com. Rupak Sarkar (Bengal)

9. Asstt. Secretaries(JCM) Com. K Babu Thomas (Kerala)

General ( 1 Post)

10. Asstt. Secretaries Gr,D (1 Post)- Com. Manmohan Naik (Bengal)

Zonal Secretaries

North Zone Com. Rajendra Kr Meena (Rajastan)

East Zone Com. Mukteshwar Prasad Singh (Bihar)

West Zone Com. B N Chikate (Vidharbha)

South Zone Com. R Sethu Ram (Karnataka)

Agenda item No. 14- Selection and appointment of the Members, Advisory Committee, Chairman, Disciplinary Committee, Chief Election Commission and Auditor.

The proposal for retaining the present Advisory Committee Members viz. Com. Bimal Bose, Com. Umesh Mehta,and Com. K.K.N.Kutty, moved by the Secretariat was approved by the house on the basis of the suggestion made by the house, the number of members, the advisory Committee was enlarged to four and Com. P.V. Ramachandran was appointed as the 4th member of the Committee. Apart from the House also approved the inclusion of one more member and Com. P.V. Ramachandran was nominated to the Advisory Committee. The proposal of the Secretriate to appoint Com. C.M. Badola as Chief Election Commissioner and Com. A. Sundaram as Chairman of Disciplinary Committee and the name of Com. Vengatesan as Auditor was also approved by the House. It was decided unanimously in the Conference that Com. K.K.N. Kutty will continue to be the editor of Journal “Aayakar”.It has also been decided that hence forth in the Quarterly review meeting with the Chairman, CBDT, and bimonthly formal meetings with the Member (P&V), the delegation of ITEF will be from among or all the comrades holding the following posts.

1)President,;2) Vice President-(Gr. D) ; 3) Secretary General; 4) Additional Secretary;

5) Two Joint Secretaries and 6) Finance Secretary.

The House unanimously adopted the suggestion to nominate the following comrades as Assistant Secretaries.

  1. Com. D.P. Acharya (Orissa)
  2. Com. Subir Majumdar ( Guwahati)
  3. Mahesh Chandra Misra (UP-Lucknow)
  4. D. Suba Reddy (Andhra Pradesh)
  5. Sarad Murhe (Pune)
  6. Ujjal Kumar Hore (Bengal).

Agenda Item 15- Any other item with permission of the Chair.

The only issue that came up for the consideration was the proposal of Com. Subir Majumdar of NE Region for holding the Next Conference in his region. The same was approved by the House and the NE Region was given the responsibility of hosting the next Conference.

The house in one voice adopted the resolution to congratulate theITEF Gujarat Circleand to place on record the gratitude of the delegates for the excellent arrangements made by theGujarat Circlefor the conduct of the conference.

Com. Ashok Kr. Kanojia, Additional Secretary of ITEF proposed vote of thanks to all the guests and delegates who attended the conference. He also thanked the delegates and observers for attending the Conference and helping for conducting the proceedings in the most disciplined manner. He placed on record the appreciation of the delegates and Secretariat for the excellent arrangements made by theGujarat Circleof ITEF.

With singing of “Hum Honge Kamyab” the conference, the president declared the conference concluded. The delegates went in procession to unfurl the ITEF flag hosted at the beginning of the Conference and the lowered flag was handed over to Comrades Subhadeep Kar and Subir Majumdar, President and General Secretary of NE Region, to preserve and replace in the next conference.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

(KP Rajagopal)

Secretary General.

Resolutions passed in the Conference on Common and Departmental issues are enclosed.

Resolutions adopted in the XXVIII All India Delegates Conference held at Mehsana

Common Demands

  1. Increment for those retiring on 30th June – after completion of 12 months civil servants are eligible for one increment.
  2. Regularisation of Daily rated employees as a onetime measure.
  3. Fixation benefit for the upgraded categories at the minimum of pre revised scale of 7450-11500.
  4. Recruitment of MTS to be restored to the Departmental Heads.
  5. Special Pay benefit for persons/ cultural artists who have excelled in these fields at International/national/ and Departmental level.
  6. To Increase the rate of liveries/Stitching charges according to market rates.
  7. Conveyance charges for MTS to be increased to Rs 500.
  8. Pay Protection including Grade Pay on reversion under FR 15.
  9. To reduce minimum Qualification for recruitment to MTS to VIII Standard.
  10. To Include school bus expenses of children in the eligibility list of Children Education Allowance.
  11. Reimbursement of full room/bed charges in private recognized hospitals by Department/CGHS.
  12. To Increase House Building Allowance to 100 Times of Pay taking into account the inflation in real estate and cost of construction.
  13. To liberalise HBA conditions for purchasing used houses.
  14. To open Kendriya Bhandar in all majaor cities.
  15. To Enhance authority of Head of Department for Advance on Medical Treatment to Rs 5,00,000.
  16. Remove the condition for seeking prior permission of Department for outpatient treatment for CGHS beneficiaries.
  17. To Eligibility for Children Education Allowance to any two Children.
  18. To demand Type D- quarters for those who are in the Grade Pay of Rs 4600/-
  19. To increase the overtime allowance of Staff Car Drivers to Rs 80 per hour.
  20. To Enhance the rate of interest on GPF contribution to 12%.

Departmental Issues.

  1. Regularisation of Casual/Contingent Paid employees working in the Department as a one time measure.
  2. Grade Pay of Rs 4800/- for Inspectors who have completed four years of service.
  3. Fixation Benefit on promotion to Office Superintendant and Stenographer Gr. I.
  4. To Provide Laptop, Data Card to All employees in the Department out of 1% incentive.
  5. Mobile hand sets to be provided to All employees.
  6. To increase the reimbursement of petrol allowance to 50 liters per month for Inspectors and Notice Servers.
  7. Departmental Examination should not be conducted on a tough syllabus and on a liberal valuation procedure.
  8. provide midcareer training programme to Group C also.
  9. Setting up of DTRTI at Delhi and Hyderabad.
  10. To remove the anomalaies in the fixation of pay for Inspectors/AOs/PSs.
  11. To press the inclusion of Sr. TAs and Stgr. II for eligibility for advance increment on passing Inspectors Examination.
  12. No outrousing or outsiders in CPC for non-technical and processing/data entry work.
  13. To create CPCs in all Cadra Controlling Charges and to post personnel on rotation basisi from within the charge.
  14. Staff Car Drivers rendered vehicle less may be converted into the mainstream cadres.
  15. Desktops should be provided to all staff with Departmental software.
  16. Internet connections to be given atleast in every Range Office.
  17. CAP-I and CAP II statement should include infrastructure requirement and implementation progress.
  18. To restore the abolished charge of Commissioner in Kannur (Kerala)
  19. Allocation of sufficient funds under Trvelling Expenses.
  20. To redraw and reallocate duty list of MTS as per postings and seniority.
  21. Immediate implement MACP scheme in the case of Notice servers.
  22. To provide Tarang Landline & mobile, and a laptop to the Central Headquarters.
  23. To issue instructions to Officers for not refusing to countersign the Petrol Expenses Self certified vouchers.
  24. Proper and just utilization of incentive funds to cover the Group C Employees.
  25. Implement the Cadre Restructuring proposal immediately.