Saturday, August 27, 2011

Circular No.7/2011


Manishinath Bhawan A/2/95 Rajouri Garden,New Delhi. 110 027. email:

Telefax. 2510 5321; 6543 1807

President: K.P. Rajagopal. Secretary General: Ashok B Shalunke.

No.itef/ Cir. 7 /2011 Date : 26.08.2011.

Dear Comrade,

CWC Meeting held on 25.08.2011 and decisions.

The Central Working Committee Meeting was held on 25.8.2011 at Manishinath Bhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. Upon the proposal of the President, the house requested Com. C.M.Badola, Vice President to Chair the meeting. The CWC meeting had the presence of all circles except the Group D Circles of Eastern UP and Western UP. We give hereunder the decisions taken in the CWC meeting after detailed and well participated deliberations on the agenda items.

Agenda Item No. 1: Confirmation of the minutes of the last CWC meeting held at Kolkata on 20th and 21st November, 2010: After incorporating the inadvertent omission pointed out by Karnataka & Tamilnadu Circles, the minutes circulated amongst the members were approved.

Agenda item No. 2: Review of settlement on common and Departmental issues: The Secretary General briefed the house about the pending demands, the long delay on the part of the authorities even in settling issues which are totally in the hands of the CBDT. Even the issues like functioning of Central Processing Centres, Mobile Handsets, filling up of vacancies and timely holding of DPC, which are agreed upon by CBDT are not being honoured and implemented. It was also brought to the notice of the house that the Board is not taking any serious steps to get the proposals submitted by the ITEF with regard to Cadre Composition, cadre restructuring approved by the Finance Minister, Fixation of pay in the case of Inspectors, Financial benefit on promotion to OS, Stgrs., Advance increment to Sr. TAs & Stgrs. on passing Departmental Examination, Utilization of incentive fund etc. He also reported that until a sustained agitation is resorted to, there is bleak possibility of settlement and implementation of these issues. The members, cutting across circles, were agitated over the attitude of the Board, and wanted immediate resolution of the issues. After detailed discussions, it was decided to embark upon agitation of serious nature and wanted the Secretariat to chalk out such programmes which will force the authorities to settle the issues and implement the same in a time bound manner. The Charter of Demand and Agitational programme chalked out and proposed by the Secretariat was discussed and finalized with modification suggested by the house. The same is put as annexure –A. to this circular.

Item No. 3: Venue and date of the Next Conference. The agenda item was taken up alongwith the item No. 5 viz. Conference Finance. The house was informed about the discussion undertaken by the CHQ with various Circles and the readiness expressed by the Gujarat Circle to shoulder the responsibility of hoisting the 28th All India Conference of ITEF. The members of Gujrat Circle informed the house that the Conference can be held at Mehasana in Gujarat during the second half of February. They have also informed the house the probable cost expected to be incurred for this purpose and appealed to all circles to help them in getting sufficient funds through Souvenir advertisements. The house approved the suggestion of the Secretariat that a reasonable target of amount to be collected through advertisements by each circle will be fixed and intimated. The necessary number of appeal forms for obtaining advertisement will be sent by the host Gujrat Circle. The target so fixed by the Secretariat is put as Annexure B to this Circular.

Agenda item No.4: CHQ finance and review of remittance from the Circles. The house discussed the statements circulated by the Secretariat detailing the remittances and outstanding on account of renewal fees, Aayakar and Building fund. Some circles pointed out the discrepancies in the no. of members in their circles and non receipt of Aayakar. The Secretariat assured the house that the discrepancies pointed out will be corrected and revised statement will be drawn and requested all the circles to expedite the payments to CHQ.

Agenda item No. 6: Organisational matters (CHQ) and Circles): The House raised the issue of absence of principal Office bearers from the CHQ either on foreign service or on leave and wanted that the CHQ should not be left without any principle Office bearers. The Secretary General informed the house that either the President or the Secretary General will be in the Central Headquarters. The proposal made by the Secretariat to reconstitute the Disciplinary Committee by nominating Com. M. Santhanam was approved.

During the discussion and deliberations on all the agenda items, the following comrades actively participated.

Com. M.V. Prasad(AP Gr.C), Rupak Sarkar (Bengal C), Manmohan Naik (Bengal –D), Mukteswar Prasad, and C.K. Jha(Bihar C), Ashok Kr. Kanojia & V.S. Negi (Delhi –C), Com. Chandan Singh (Delhi D), Madhusudanan (Gujrat), Vinod and Nagesh (Karnataka), Sajeevan (Kerala), P.S.Thakur and Yeshwant Purohit (MP&CG ),Ravi Nair (Mumbai), Subhadeep (NER) Com. Narwal (NWR),D.P.Acharya (Orissa),Prasad Vidwans (Pune) R.K. Meena & SP Sharma (Raj-C) Nathuram Meena (Raj. D),M.S. Vengatesan (Tamilnadu), J.P. Singh (Eastern –UP),Ajay Tiwari (Western UP),B.N. Chikkatte (Vidharba-C) Sunil Bulgoankar (Vidharba-D).

Agenda item No.7: Any other matter. Under this items the members raised the following issues.

1. Outsourcing the work of Group C members, functioning of the CPC, and hiring of DEO in the vacancies for Stenographers.

2. Revival of the functioning of the JCA and the proposal to hold Central JCA Meeting at Kolkata.

3. Functioning of the Zonal Accounts Offices and harassment by them even to the retiring personnel.

4. Compassionate appointment.

5. Recruitment of MTS and regularization of casual workers.

6. Shortage of staff in Departmental canteens.

7. Shortage of Desktop Computers to staff,

8. Malfunctioning and billing of mobile phones under tarang scheme.

9. Increasing of Petrol allowance.

10. Problems of staff car drivers- merger to mainstream of willing SCDs.

11. Valuation of Departmental Examination answer papers and its shortcomings,

12. Non-availablity of Operational Vehicles for Official work to staff due to misuse of the same.

13. Non-payment of entitlement on election duty.

14. Conducting of Trade Union class especially to educate the newely recruited employees.

15. MACP issue of Notice Servers,

While summing up, the SG informed the house that the above items will be taken up as demands with the appropriate authorities both on Departmental Issues and through Confederation on common issues. He also informed the house that for the ensuing agitational proggramme chalked out by the house, wherever necessary secretariat members will undertake campaign programme and appealed to all to make all the programmes a success.

Com. C.M.Badola, Vice President proposed the vote of Thanks.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

(Ashok B Salunkhe)

Secretary General,

Annexure –A.

Charter of Demands.

1. Stop hiring of DEOs in the place of Stenographers.

2. Implement the agreement and assurances given to us on various occasions with regard to functioning of Central Processing Centre and outsourcing other functions of the Deptt.

3. Fill up all vacant post in the Group C cadres.

4. Holding of timely DPC for promotions to all cadres.

5. Approve and implement the Cadre Composition proposal submitted by ITEF in conformity with the recommendations of the VI-CPC.

6. Implement the Cadre Restructuring proposal approved by the Finance Minister.

7. Provide Mobile handsets as has been agreed upon.

8. Grant advance increment to Sr. TAs, Stgr.- II on passing Deptt. Examination.

9. Grant Financial benefit on promotion to the cadre of Office Supdt. and Stgr. Gr.-I.

10. Restore the Scheme of Special Pay granted to various categories for arduous nature of duties.


1. Lunch hour Demonstration to be held on 29th September, 2011.

2. Non-co-operation from Ist October, 2011.( No statistical reports except Parliament question), not to participate in surveys, search operations including TDS surveys/ Inspection ,not to allow any outsiders to work in the office, not to attend office on holidays & after office hours.

3. Day long Dharna to be held infront of all CCIT stations on 5th Oct, 2011.

4. One day Walkout programme during the month of October 2011.

(the date of the same will be intimated by CHQ).

5. Sect. to meet in the month of November to review the progress and to decide further course of action.

Annexure B

Quota for collection of Advertisement tarrif for the All India Conference.


Name of Circle

Amount (Rs)


A.P. Circle Group C.



A.P. Circle Group D



Bengal Circle Group C



Bengal Circle Group D



Bihar Circle Group C



Bihar Circle Group D



Delhi Circle Group C



Delhi Circle Group D



Gujarat Circle



Karnataka Circle



Kerala Circle



Mumbai Circle Group C



Mumbai Circle Group D



M.P. & CG



NE Region



NW Region-C



NW Region-D









Rajasthan Circle Group C



Rajasthan Circle Group D



Tamilnadu Circle



Eastern UP-C



Eastern UP-D



Western UP-C



Western UP-D