Saturday, May 17, 2008

Letter to Chairman on Infrastructure fund and intimation of agitation.

Dear Comrade,
Placed hereunder is our letter to Chairman on utilisation of Infra Structure fund. We had met the Chairman to discuss this issue twice recently and the formal meeting with the representatives of JCA is fixed for 22nd. Please ensure that the programe is carried out. Today the JCM Staff Side Standing Committee had a meeting with the Committee of Secretaries headed by Cabinet Secretary. The gist of discussions in the meeting is placed on the website of Confederation. Kindly see the same for details.
with greetings,
Yours fraternally,
KKN Kutty
Secretary General.



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N/1/2008 Dated: 17.5.2008


Shri R.S.Mathoda,


Central Board of Direct Taxes,

North Block,

New Delhi -110 001.

Dear sir,

Sub: Utilization of Infrastructure fund regarding

As you are aware the Govt. had allotted about 196 crores to the Department last year in appreciation of the alround efforts made by all personnel in the department to surpass the target on collection of taxes. The fund was to be used for developing infrastructure, which is presently in a bad shape. If the funds were used for the purpose it is intended, we have no doubt that it would go a long way in further registering increased collection without employing additional manpower.

We were highly appreciative of the gesture on the part of Shri.A.K. Sinha, CIT(Co-Ord) in the office of the Chairman CBDT, when he invited our representatives for a discussion on the subject as to how best the funds are to be defrayed. Besides participating in the said discussion and contributing to the evolution of an understanding in the matter, we made a written submission after eliciting opinions from all sections of the employees whom we represent. We enclose a copy of thereof for your ready reference.

It came as rude shock for us, when ultimately the order for the utilization of funds were issued. Not only any of our suggestions were considered but we also found, to our utter dismay, that almost entire funds were defrayed for various purposes, the benefit of which accrued only to officers of the department. It in fact conveyed an impression that increased collection were solely the efforts of only officers of the department. Though the said decision was extremely disappointing and triggered off an instant anger and agitation in the minds of the employees, who had strived for a better performance despite the lack of even basic amenities. We endeavored to sort out the issue through discussions. On several occasions we met Shri.A.K Sinha and the then Chairman, Shri. R Prasad. Even in such a surcharged atmosphere, we made suggestions, which was assured to be accepted and acted upon. Had that assurance been honoured it would still have gone to significantly assuage the feelings of the employees. We send herewith a copy of our suggestion, which could have been acted upon without violently changing the orders issued. Since there had been a perceptible and deliberate dilly –dalling we met your predecessor in the office, Shri. P.K Misra in the presence of the Member[Personnel]. While our stand in the matter was appreciated by him and the Member [Personnel] till date, nothing was done giving rise to a genuine feeling that nothing probably would come out in pursuing this issue through meaningless discussions and talks.

It was in this background the Central Working Committee of our Federation met on 29th April 2008 . Prior to the said meeting we had called on your predecessor in the office to know whether there could be any ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. Having disappointed, we had to perforce convey the sad end of the negotiation to the working committee.

The meeting has now decided to call upon our members to organize the following programme of action. I have been directed to convey this to your goodself.

a) To organize a mass squatting programme before the CCIT(CCA) and presenting the resolution for onward transmission to Chairman, CBDT on 22th May, 2008.

b) To follow up with an intensive campaign amongst the employees through badge wearing and floorwise/branchwise meeting between 26th to 29th May, 2008. During the period telegram/savingrams will be sent to the Finance Minister seeking his intervention in the following words.

c) To organize half-day walk out after lunch recess on 29th May, 2008.
Thanking you, yours faithfully


Secretary General