Thursday, June 25, 2009

CWC Meeting and decisions


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President: K.P. Rajagopal.                                      Secretary General: Ashok B Shalunke.


Cirl.No. 11/2009                                                                                  Dated: 23.06.2009


Dear Comrades,

Central Working Committee Meeting and decisions-

The Central Working Committee of ITEF was held on 18th & 19th June 2009, in the Conference hall of Mirasol resorts at Daman for which arrangements were made by the ITEF, Gujrat Circle.  Prior to the CWC meeting, the Secretariat of the ITEF met at the same venue at 10.30 AM on 18.6.2009.  The CW meeting commenced at 3PM  and was chaired by Com. K.P.Rajagopal, President.  The working committee had the presence of all members of the Secretariat and the working Committee except the following 

Coms. C.M.Badola, Prikshit K.Vasudeva, Vice Presidents, of the Secretariat and Gr. Secys. of North Western Circle Group C & D, Western UP Group D and Andhra Pradesh Group D.

The decisions taken agenda-wise are given hereunder

Item No. 1: Confirmation of minutes of CWC Meeting held at Mumbai on 09.02.2009.

            The minutes circulated in the house was approved by the house.

Item No.2: Discussion on the report of the Sub-committee on Cadre Review.

            Copy of the Draft Document which was  prepared by the sub-committee and  sent to the General Secretaries through e-mail and was circulated in the house. The sub-committee had made three distinct proposals for submission to the Cadre Review Committee on behalf of the ITEF.  The proposals contained the computation of the net requirement of Officers and Staff in the Department in view of the heavy increase of workload.  The First was computed on the basis of the pattern agreed upon in 2000 for the COmmissionarates. The Second proposal was to increase the No. of Assessing Officers and Complimentary staff in each Range on the proportion of 2ACsIT and 5 ITO in each Range.  The third one was to bifurcate the No. of Ranges into Corporate and non-corporate.  The house discussed the merits and demerits of the three proposals at length and all the Circle representatives participated in the discussion.  It was decided to present all the three proposals before the Cadre Review Committee so that the Committee can appreciate the different pros and cons and arrive at a feasible conclusion acceptable to all stakeholders.  On behalf of the Secretariat the house was informed that certain inadvertent mistakes had been crept in with regard to the requirement of  the officers and staff in the office of the CIT TDS, Transfer pricing, International Taxation etc. and was assured that these would be corrected.  The sub-committee was authorized to take appropriate decision at the meeting of the CRC keeping in mind the interest of the Group C&D staff. 

            The house then took up the proposal mooted by the sub-committee for Cadre restructuring necessitated by the VI CPC recommendations and carreer progression requirements.  The decision taken at the CWC meeting in this regard are incorporated in the proposal to be submitted to the CRC which is attached to this circular.

Item No.3: Discussion on filling up of 10% posts of ITOs from amongst the Senior Inspectors who have not qualified the Departmental Examination.

            It was decided by the house that this proposal would be taken up after the Cadre restructuring and while framing the recruitment rules.  Com. President indicated the necessity of reviewing the proposal in the light of the Modified ACP.

Item No.4: To consider agitational programme on pay commission related issues.

            The house noted with serious concern of the inordinate delay in settling the following issues.

(i)                            assigning grade pay of Rs. 4600 as per Government of India notification to Inspectors, Private Secretaries and Administrative officers and Rs. 1800 to all Group D employees;

(ii)                          all employees are provided with mobile phone facility out of the infrastructure fund;

(iii)                         no outsourcing of any departmental functions, especially the return processing, as per the recommendations of the BPR report;

(iv)                        the BPR should not be acted upon without reaching an agreement with the ITEF

(v)                          all Group C employees be provided with desktop computers to facilitate and speed up the functions entrusted to them immediately.

In consonance with the directive of the Conference the house decided to immediately mount a serious of agitational programme culminating in a one day strike in the second week of August, 2009.  The house also decided to get in touch with the leaders of ITGOA and various other organizations in the Revenue COC to build up a united platform for organizing and synchronizing the strike action.  The House also decided to organize a mass DHARNA and campaign tour by Sect. members to the Circle Headquarters in the month of July 2009.  In the month of August, 2009 prior to the one day strike Circle leaders will embark on campaign tour in the respective  circles.


Item No.5: Any other matter.

            On behalf of the Secretariat the Secy. General informed the house the nomination of the following comrades as Assistant Secretaries to the CHQ.


Com. D. Subbha  Reddy- Andhra Pradesh Circle

            Com. B.N.Chikkate – Vidharba Circle

            Com. D.P. Acharya – Orissa Circle

            Com. Mahesh Chand Misra – Eastern UP Circle

            Com. Ujjal Hore- Bengal Circle.


            On the suggestions made by the Secretariat, the house authorized the Secretariat to fill up the existing vacancies in the Sectt. By co-option after extensive consultation with all concerned.  The Secy. General informed the house that due to unavoidable domestic occupation, he would be able to go over the CHQ on foreign service only by January, 2010 and in the meantime, steps would be taken to get foreign service facility to one of the Sectt. Members immediately.

            Most of the members raised the issues concerning the Departmental Examination-2009 drawing the attention of the Sect. to the new rules circulated by the Directorate.  The Secretary General informed the house that the CHQ had already taken up this issue with the Directorate and a copy of the letter dated 15.06.2009 was circulated amongst the members.  The House approved the stand taken by the CHQ in this regard and requested the sect. to pursue the matter through negotiation and ensure that the examination 2009 is conducted on the existing pattern and rules.  It was also decided that in case the Board does not agree to the demand of the ITEF, this issue should figure prominently in the Charter of demand on which the CWC has decided to mount programme of action including strike.

            Several other issues were raised by the  members, most in the form of clarification and queries which was replied by the Secretary General. Among the Women members Com. Vidya Bodes(Mumbai), Com. Nirmala(Karnataka)  and Com. Meera Bai(TN) also raised certain points on general and Departmental issues.  A detailed note on these will be incorporated in the minutes of the meeting.

            On behalf of the Secretariat, Com. Amitava Dey, Additional Secretary profusely thanked the Gujarat Unit and the members of Daman and Vapi units of Gujarat circle for the excellent arrangements they have made for the conduct of the working committee meeting.

            With greetings,


Yours fraternally, 

(Ashok B Salunkhe)

Secretary General.