Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Circular No.15 Dated 8th Sep.09


Manishinath Bhawan,

A/2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi. 110 027.

Dated: 8th September, 2009


Dear Comrade,

The Central JCA decided to postpone the one day token strike scheduled for tomorrow i.e. 09.09.2009 by a month.  The Central JCA alongwith the Circle/State Secretaries will meet within 15 days to decide upon the next date of strike and the future course of action.  The representatives of the Central JCA met the Member (P) and Chairman today to have another round of negotiations on the Charter of Demands.  We give hereunder a brief resume of discussions.

1.      Exam-related issues :

a)     Negative marking being a necessary ingredient of any objective test examination will

remain.  However, it will now be only a nominal reduction of one mark for every 8 wrong answers.

b)     The SC/ST candidates will have the opportunity to rewrite the examination to improve their marks.

c)     The Office Procedure paper will be removed from the examination for ITOs.

2.      Clarificatory order will be issued on grant of advance increments on passing the departmental examinations (for those who have passed prior to 01.01.2006) immediately and for those who have cleared after 01.01.2006 within a few days. The distinction between prior and after 01.01.2006 has to be made in view of the merger of pay scales of senior TAs, OS, Steno Gr.II and Steno Gr.I.

3.      The definition of partially qualified candidates to cover all those who are qualified even in one single paper out of the four core papers have already been issued. 

4.      Orders to ensure that the 15 mobile phones in a range are to be allotted to non-gazetted employees issued.  The question of extending it to all the non-gazetted employees who are deployed in operational sections will be decided and orders issued after the proposed meeting of Addl. Commissioners of I.T.(HQrs.) scheduled to be held on 17/18th September, 2009.

5.      BPR outsourcing will be in consonance with the agreement already entered into between the JCA and the Board.  The Chairman and the concerned member will visit Bangalore and will look into any violation thereof and cause discussion with the JCA representatives to resolve the issue.

6.      Grade Pay for Inspectors -  It was reported that the Expenditure department has conveyed to the Secretary (Revenue)  the outcome of discussions the representative of Federations in CBDT and CBEC had with them earlier.  The Chairman and the Member(P) will meet Secretary (Exp.) within the next 10 days after interacting with the Sec.(Revenue).  If no settlement is brought about the issue will be taken up by the Board with the Finance Minister.

7.      All formalities required to hold the DPC for Asst. Commissioner(2009-10 R.Y) will be completed within a month.  The JCA representatives will meet the Chairman/Member(P) once in a week to expedite the issue.  The DPC for promotion as DCs/JCs will also be held within this time limit.

8.      The suspension of officers in Madhya Pradesh for the alleged charge of assessment getting barred by limitation of time would be reviewed with a view to revoke the suspension on getting the reports of the DI(Vig.) in the matter.

9.      The Board will consider the demand for providing laptop computers to PSs/DPAs and Administrative Officers in the light of the recommendations of the DG(Systems).

10.  The DG(Systems) have agreed to provide Desktop computers to all Gr.C employees once the proposal for offline processing of returns is implemented.

11.  The Supreme Court's interim order in inter-se seniority will be given effect to in the case of the petitioners.  The universal application thereof will be considered after getting the legal advice from the Solicitor General or clarificatory order from the Supreme Court.

12.  The Chief Controller of Accounts (CBDT) has been appraised of the background in which the DG(HRD) has taken the decision to grant the benefit of higher grade pay of Rs. 5400/- to ITOs who have completed 4 years of service reckoned with reference to the date of their promotion. The CIT (Coordn.) will discuss the said issue with the Chief Controller of Accounts further to ensure that appropriate instructions are issued to ZAOs to stay the recovery.


The decision to postpone the strike action could  be conveyed to the Chairman, CBDT at 6.00 pm., as the discussions with various authorities went on upto 4.30 p.m.  We have taken efforts to convey the decision to all the field formations through SMS as also by placing a brief message on our website.  We are fully aware of the fact it would be difficult for our circle leadership to inform the members and consequently those who could not be accessed with the message may not attend the office on 09.09.2009.  It has been assured by the Chairman that the absence of such members will not be treated as absence. 


We take this opportunity to congratulate all our comrades for the excellent preparations made for the successful conduct of the strike action.  It may kindly be noted that the JCA leadership has decided to propose to the Central JCA that the postponed action should take place in the 3rd week of October 2009 if the agreement reached is not translated into tangible orders.  This would become all the more necessary if the issue concerning the grant of higher grade pay is not settled eventhough we are convinced that the Board and the Secretary (Revenue) do make strenuous efforts in our favour.


With Greeting especially on the eve of Pooja and Diwali festivals and assuring of our united efforts in pursuing the demands through struggles.


Yours fraternally,


Ashok B Salunkhe

Secretary General