Friday, November 6, 2009



Incometax Employees Federation

Incometax Gazetted officers Association

CHQ. Manishinath Bhawan, A/2/95 Rajouri garden, New Delhi. 110027.

M-12/2009                                                                                            Dated: 5th Nov. 2009.

Dear Comrade.

                                        ONE DAY STRIKE ON 26.11.2009.


We send herewith copy of the Strike Notice served on the Revenue Secretary by the following organizations. We had made all efforts to enlist the support of the organizations in the Co-Ordinating Committee of Department of Revenue. However, this could not be. We are Writing to them for solidarity and support.

As was informed to you earlier, the strike has become inevitable in view of the dilly-dallying tactics adopted by the Department of Expenditure in the matter of Grade Pay. In all the meetings that had taken place till date with the officials side they categorically maintained that we are indeed entitled for a higher Grade Pay in view of the Govt. notification on 29.8.2009. Similarly on other issues pending with the CBDT on which assurances and promises have been laid out, no concrete response is visible.

We request you to serve the copy of the Strike notice served on the Secretary, Revenue, jointly on the Chief Commissioners (CCA) with a massive demonstration on 10 .. 11.2009. The Circle/State Secretariat of ITEF/ITGOA must jointly organize campaign programme touching upon all moffussil stations. The Central lCA leaders will in consultation with the AICEIA and AICPSF will chalk out Campaign programme to have joint meetings at all State Capitals.

We fervently appeal to you to make the ONE DAY STRIKE on 26th November, 2009 a grand success by eliciting cent percent participation of our members.

            With greetings,                                                           
                                                                                                                                                                           Yours fraternally,
                                                                                                                                                                Sd/                                     Sd/
                                                                                                                                                        Ashok B Salunkhe                 Rajesh D. Menon 
                                                                                                                                                                                              Secretary General ITEF            Secretary General ITGOA



Income Tax Employees Federation

Income tax Gazetted Officers Association

All India Central Excise Inspectors' Association

All India Customs Preventive Services Federation


Address for correspondence:

Manishinath Bhawan

A/2/95 Rajouri Garden,

New Delhi. 110 027.


Dated: 5th  November, 2009



Shri P.V.Bhide,

Secretary, Revenue,

Govt. of India,

North Block,

New Delhi-110 001.



Dear Sir,


            This is to give notice that the members of  Income-tax Employees Federation, Income-tax Gazetted Officers Association, All India Central Excise Inspectors Association and All India Customs Preventive Services Federation will be on  one day's strike on 26th November, 2009.  The demands in pursuance of which the employees will embark upon the strike action is enclosed.


Thanking You,


Yours faithfully,


            Sd.                               Sd.                               Sd.                               Sd.

(Ashok B Shalunke)      (Rajesh D.Menon)         (Kaushik Roy)                (I.B. Mishra)

Secretary General          Secretary General        Secretary General      (Secretary General)

       I.T.E.F.                         I.T.G.O.A.                 A.I.C.E.I.A.                  A.I.C.P.S.F.



Copy to:

1. The Hon'ble Finance Minister, Govt. of India, North Block, New Delhi

2. The Hon;ble Minister of State for Finance (Revenue), New Delhi.

3. The Secretary, Department of Expendigture, North Block, New Delhi.

4.The Chairman, Central Board of Direct Taxes, North Block, New Delhi,

5. The Chairman, Central Board of Excise & Customs, North Block, New Delhi,

6.. The Joint Secretary (Per), Dept. of Expenditure, North Block, New Delhi.






1.      Grant Grade pay of Rs. 4,600/- as per Government of India notification to Inspectors of Income-tax, Central Excise and Preventice Officer of Customs Department, Private Secretaries and Administrative officer Gr.III as per the Revised Pay Rules, 2008 Part B and C Section Para ii, under notification of the Govt. of India dated 29.08.2008 and Rs.1,800/-to all Group D employees.


2.      Settle the demands contained in the Charter of Demand submitted to the Central Board of Direct Taxes by the JCA (ITEF & ITGOA), vide letter No. JCA/CHQ.09/10/2 dated 18.08.2009



3.      The demands contained in the  Charter of demand submitted to the Chairman, CBEC by AICEIA in CBEC/130/2009 dated 14.8.2009


4.      Settle the demands contained in the letter dated 2.9.2009 addressed to the Chairman, CBEC by the All India Customs Preventive Services Federation.




 1.        Grant Grade pay of Rs. 4,600/- as per Government of India notification to Inspectors, Private Secretaries and Administrative officers and Rs.1,800/-to all Group D employees.

 2.        Out of 1% incremental incentive:

            a. Reimburse Mobile phone charges to all employees in  the department

            b. Sanction Laptops to all Gazetted Officers including AO, PS / Sr. PS,

                on non-returnable basis.

3.         Implement all the agreements reached with the JCA on 08/09/2009 with regard to Departmental Examinations, 2009.

4.         Transfer DCIT / ACIT (who have completed 2 years cooling period and with spouse / medical / compassionate grounds, etc.) and revoke the transfer of officers, who are transferred before completing their tenure.

 5.        Fill up all vacant posts  in gazetted and non-gazetted cadres and effect promotion to the cadre of ACIT/DCIT/Jt. CIT,  by giving one time relaxation. (Conduct DPC for ACIT  for RY 2009-10 and DCIT for RY as on 01/01/2009 and 01/01/2010).

6.         BPR to be implemented only after reaching an agreement with the JCA and stop outsourcing  of Departmental  functions.

 7.        Grant Desktop computers to all Group C employees.

 8.        Dispose of all vigilance cases pending beyond one year.

9.      Stop vindictive actions on our members in the light of the recent issue in MP, where an ACIT and his Addl. CIT posted at Gwalior, was suspended