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Circular No.25

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Itef/ 25 /2010

Dated: 22nd March, 2010

Dear Comrade,


                                                CWC meeting and decisions.


The CWC meeting of the Federation was held at Manishinath Bhawan, on 13th inst.  We would be issuing detailed minutes of the deliberations at the meeting later.  In this communication, we convey the decisions taken at the meeting on various agenda items slated for deliberation.


            Agenda No.1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting held at Daman.

            The minutes circulated were considered by the house and confirmed.


Agenda No.2. Outcome of Discussion with the DG (HRD) and future course of action thereon.


The Sectt. had submitted a detailed note on the discussions the representatives of the ITEF had with the DG (HRD) on issues emanating from the 6th CPC report. The note was taken up for deliberation item wise.  The decisions taken by the house on the Note are as under:- Copy of the Note is enclosed for reference.


Item No. 1, 2 and 3.  The Notes pertaining to these three cadres, i.e. Tax Assistants, Executive Tax Assistants, and Lower Division Clerks were approved by the house,.

Item No. 4. Group D Cadre.  It was decided that the Directorate must be asked to rework the requirement of Care Taking Staff (i.e. Farrash, Mali, Watchmen etc) on the basis of the area of space occupied by the Department for housing its officers throughout the country.  As the requirement for Group D staff other than care taking staff has been computed on functional requirement in the Cadre Review Proposal.  Till such time, the Cadre Review proposal is accepted and implemented the existing vacancies will have to be filled up.  Since the ban has been lifted, this issue must be taken up by all Circle General Secretaries with the respective CCITs (CCA).  The CWC asked the Secretariat to cause a detailed discussion of the manner in which the work pertaining to care taking staff in the light of the acute shortage in a committee consisting of the Circle General Secretaries of the Metro Cities, viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai and arrive at conclusions to be strictly followed by all Circles.  It is brought to the notice of the house that engaging daily rated workers to carry on the jobs of the Care taking staff has been asked to be halted by the Board to be replaced with contractor workers.  In respect of other Group D functions,  it was decided that in no event contractorisation of the work to be permitted as has been decided by the Confederation of CGE and workers.


Item No. 5. Staff Car Drivers.  The condition of Matriculation being the essential qualification for switching over to the mainstream cadres was not approved by the house.  The proposal was asked to be modified to this extent.  The contention made in the house was that most of the senior Staff Car Drivers recruited decades back were not possessing the said qualification and it should not be right to insist upon this as a pre condition for their being repatriated to the mainstream cadres.  The house has also suggested that the words appearing in the Note "Ministerial Staff Examination" be changed to "appropriate Examination" in view of the changes mooted in the Examination rules.

Notes on Item Nos. 6,7 and 8 pertaining to the cadres of Notice Servers, Stenographers, Data Processing Assistants were accepted without any change.

Item No. 9. Examination system.  The house decided that the Secretariat should  amend the scheme as under before it is submitted to the Directorate.

The Examination will have to be in three parts as under:


(a)    Part I. consisting of two Papers, Précis writing and drafting and Service Rules.

(b)   Part II consisting of three papers, i.e. Office Procedure (Income tax) (ii) Accounting (iii) Computation of Income.

(c)    Part III consisting of three papers i.e Income tax Law (Theory), Income tax Law ( Practical with books) and Allied Laws (Theory).


The Notes on future Recruitment rules and career prospects were accepted without any change.

             Agenda Item No.3.& 4

Review of the progress registered in the charter of demands after the withdrawal of the strike action and further course of action.


(i)                  Mobile Phone facility to all employees.  The Secretary General informed the house that the scheme has been worked out in agreement with the BSNL and the same has been approved by the Board.  Certain objections raised by the FA is being replied and the same after their consent  would go to the Committee of Secretaries and the Finance Minister for their approval. The Chairman has informed us that since the proposal is a zero financial liability, it is likely that the same would be getting approval of the Government soon.

(ii)                On the question of outsourcing with reference to the return processing work through CPU in Bangalore, the Secretary General informed the house that till recently the Department was not able to implement their proposal.  However, in the last week, the work has been commenced through the new vendor Infosys and so far the Board has not honoured its commitment to cause negotiation in the matter in the light of the earlier agreement with the two Federations.  In a meeting with the Chairman, the issue was raised again.  The Chairman has assured that the promised meeting would be held in the 2nd week of April, preferably at Bangalore.  The house discussed the issue in detail with the input provided by the Circle President, Karanataka.  It was decided that the discussion with the Board should be held without much loss of time and if not, chalk out immediate action programme.  The Karnataka Unit was asked to explore the possibility of commencing some programme at local level to give impetus to the proposed meeting with the Board in the matter Intervening in the discussions, the Circle General Secretary Karnataka suggested to have simultaneous demonstration programme throughout the country, when the Karnataka comrades would be agitating in front of the CPU Offices.Com. President and Secretary General would be leading the demonstration at Bangalore as and when the decision is finalized by the Karnataka Unit.   The Secretariat was asked to meet immediately thereafter to take appropriate decision.

(iii)               In the matter of outsourcing of the caretaking and other functions, the house after deliberation decided to set up a committee to look into the matter and suggest concrete steps to stop such unethical actions on the part of the Department. The Committee was asked to deliberate upon the issue in its entire gamut and come up with suggestions for formulating action programmes.  The  house decided the following composition of the Committee.

(a). Amitab Dey:           Convenor

(b)  Ashok Kanojia       Member

©   Chandan Singh       Member 

                                                (d)  Ravi Nair               Member

                                                (e)  Naresh Sakhreja    Member

                                                (f)   Manmohan Naik    Member

                                                (e) Vijay Singh Negi   Member

The Committee was asked to meet on 14th inst. and finalise their proposal in view of the urgency in the matter.

(iv)              Additional Increment for passing the Departmental Examination.  The Secretary General informed the house that the Board has ultimately resolved the issue by passing an order stating that the scheme would continue since the 6th CPC has not made any recommendation for its discontinuance.  He also informed the house that the Principal Controller of Accounts, CBDT has also issued consequent orders which would be binding on all Zonal Accounts Officers and therefore, this matter should be treated as satisfactorily settled.  The orders, he added, have been placed on the ITEF website.





Agenda Item No. 5. Organisational Review.


(a)    The outstanding on account of renewal fees would be worked out on the basis of the revised working strength intimated by the concerned Circle General Secretaries at the meeting.

(b)   The complaints made by the Circle General Secretary, A.P on the functioning of the Chairman, Disciplinary Committee and those referred to by the Circle General Secretary, Gujarat in respect of the reinstatement of Com. Pankaj Saxena and the appointment of Com. Francis as member of the Disciplinary Committee were briefly discussed.  The House asked the Secretary General and President to discuss these issues with the concerned comrades in the presence of the Members of the Advisory Committee to find solutions.

(c)    Filling up the vacancies in the Secretariat by co-option was again raised in the house with a suggestion  that Delhi being totally not  represented in the Secretariat one comrade from that Circle should be nominated.  Com. Vijay Singh Negi responding to the sentiments expressed in this regard by almost all the members said that the Secretariat must explore the possibility of upgrading the post of Joint Secretary as Additional Secretary to enable the Executive Committee of ITEF Delhi Circle to consider this matter.

(d)   On the question of merger of ITEF Group D Circles with the ITEF Group C Circle in view of the decision of the Government to upgrade all Group D posts as Group C, the house caused discussion in which several comrades participated.  At the end of the discussion, the Secretary General requested the concerned circles to have mutual discussions in the matter to explore the possibilities of an eventual merger of these two organizations as in the years to come, separate entities would be a difficult proposition.  The ITEF would be able to take a decision in the matter only at the next conference for what is required is a structural change.  He emphasized the need for a mutual understanding on this issue and requested the ITEF Group D Circle that they have the time limit upto the next conference to come to a conclusion in the matter,.

(e)    Responding to the functioning of the ITEF CHQ, the Secretary General informed the house that he would be coming on Foreign Service as and when the sanction from the Government is obtained. The letter seeking the foreign service facility has been sent to the Govt.

Agenda Item No. 6. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.


            The Secretary General informed the house that the ITEF has been informed by the DG(Admn) that the results of the Inspectors and Officers examination would be finalized by end of March, 2010.  All pending cases where zero marks were awarded and show cause notices issued would be disposed of before the results of the above stated examination are announced.  He also informed the house that the ITEF has requested the DG to have relaxation in the standard of evaluation of answer books who had written the examination as a last chance especially in the case of those who had been left with only one paper to clear. He further stated that the ITEF has suggested to have the Ministerial Staff Examination in the month of June 2010, since almost all charges have declared the result of Examination 2009. 


            Several other issues were raised by the members which were clarified by Com. President and Secretary General, the details of which will form part of the minutes which is under preparation.


            With greetings,


Yours fraternally,



Ashok Salunkhe

Secretary General.