Sunday, January 2, 2011

Circular No.41


Manishinath Bhawan A/2/95 Rajouri Garden,New Delhi. 110 027. email:

Telefax. 2510 5321; 6543 1807

ITEF/ 41 /2010

Dated: 31st December, 2010

Dear Comrade,

The Secretariat of ITEF met at New Delhi on 29.12.2010. The following decisions were taken.

Agtenda Item No.1.

CPC and Outsourcing. The Secretary General informed the house that the official minutes of the meeting, the representatives of the Fedn. had with the Member (Per) on the issue, had not been issued. However, he said that the Member had assured the issuance of the same within a week's time. In the meantime, on the basis of the letter sent by the Board to the CCIT Mumbai, the Mumbai Administration has decided to set up a cell consisting of about 200 Tax Assistants to dispose of the pending returns of income in that charge. The work in this regard is expected to commence by 1st Week of Jan. 2011. The Sectt. discussed various issues that might emanate from this decision and advise the Circle General Secretary, Mumbai that a quota of 150 returns per day for each TA would be reasonable and the work turned out by the TAs beyond the stipulated quota to be adequately remunerated.

Agenda Item No.2.

National Council meeting of the Confederation

The Secretary General said that the issues raised by the CWC members at the last meeting held at Kolkata were presented by him at the National Council of the Confederation. On matters concerning compassionate appointment and the CGHS recognition of private hospital in various Cities, the National Council had accepted the suggestions made by the ITEF and appropriate resolutions were adopted.

The meeting requested the Secretary General to be in touch with all the Circle General Secretaries to ensure that the ITEF is able to deploy minimum twenty lady comrades for the first National Women Convention of CGEs being held at Kolkata on 7th and 8th Feb. 2011. The Secretariat also requested Com. Ujjal and Com. Manmohan Naik to discuss with the Circle General Secretaries of West Bengal Charge to ensure that accommodation and other arrangements for the lady comrades who are deputed by various Circles to participate in the Women convention are made/ They were also requested to book the guest house for those comrades who would be accompanying the lady comrades from various circles.

The meeting then discussed the necessity of making the ITEF participation in the Workers March to Parliament slated for 23rd Feb. 2011 impressive. The meeting decided that every State Unit of ITEF must depute comrades to participate in the said programme. Taking into account the distance and the membership of each Circle certain minimum number of comrades from the circles was determined. The Secretary General was requested to get in touch with all Circle General Secretaries telephonically to convey the said decision and ensure that they make necessary arrangements in the matter. The CHQ was also asked to make arrangements for stay etc. for those comrades who are going over to Delhi to participate in the programme on 23rd Feb. 2011 especially from distant States, since it may not be possible for them to return on the same day.

Agenda Item No. 3.

Repair to Manishinath Bhawan. The Secretary General presented the two estimates submitted by the contractor in the matter. He also suggested that an admixture of the two categories would be the appropriate approach in the matter. The suggestion was subjected to discussion at length. Taking into account the fact that many Sectt. comrades could not attend the meeting due to various reasons, it was decided that the SG will write to them of the decision of the Sectt. in the matter to elicit their views before the agreement is signed with the Contractor. The Secretary General was also asked to further discuss the issue with the Contractor over the issues suggested by the members at the meeting and ensure that an agreement is reached as quickly as possible so that the work could be taken up for execution atleast in February, 2011.

Agenda Item No. 4.

Issues raised at the CWC meeting and its follow up actions

The S.G. will prepare a brief note on each of the items raised by the CWC members at the last meeting and introduce them as agenda for discussion with the Chairman at the quarterly meetings.

Agenda Item No. 5.

Financial matters.

The membership correction as suggested by the CWC members would be carried out in the Register and the dues worked out on that basis in so far as the renewal fees is concerned. The final dues statement in respect of Renewal Fees, Building Fund and Aayakar would be published in the January issue of Aayakar. The Circle General Secretaries would be reminded of their commitment to clear off the arrears by 31st January, 2011.

Agenda Item No. 6.

Other issues.

The Secretary General informed the house that the meeting of the representatives of ITEF Eastern and Western UP Circles slated to take place on 28th had to be postponed at the request of the Western U.P. Circle. The said meeting will now be held in January, 2011 and the outcome thereof communicated to the Board.

The SG also informed that steps have been taken to act upon the directive of the CWC in the matter of the Disciplinary Committee.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


Ashok B. Salunkhe

Secretary General.