Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Circular 10


Manishinath Bhawan A/2/95 Rajouri Garden,New Delhi. 110 027.

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President: K.P. Rajagopal.                                                         Secretary General: Ashok B Shalunke.

Cir. No. 10/2011                                                                                                                 Dated: 27.09. 2011




Dear Comrade,

            The quarterly review meeting with the Chairman, CBDT and representatives of ITEF and ITGOA was held today at 11AM in the Chairman's Chamber.  The outcome of the meeting on the basis of which the agitational programme stands deferred is given below.

Demand No. 1 – Stop hiring of DEOs in place of stenographers.

Demand No. 2-  Honour the agreement and implement the assurances given on the functioning of the CPCs.

These two issues were discussed at length.  Both sides stuck to their stand and finally the Chairman and Member (P&V) agreed to our suggestion to form an official Committee to sort out the differences and recommend ways and means within a month.  The Committee will be headed by Shri Manoj Joshi DI(HRD) with three members from ITEF viz. Com. K.P. Rajagopal, President, Com. Ashok B Salunkhe, Secretary General and Com. Rupak Sarkar, Finance Secretary.  Till then the status-quo of the two issues will be maintained.

Demand No.-3. Fill up all vacant posts:- Necessary instructions to all Cadre Controlling Authorities have been issued to report the vacancies at the earliest for requisition of recruitment.

Demand No. 4- Holding of timely DPCs for promotions to all cadres: Instructions will be issued to CCAs in this regard.  Wherever DPC proceedings are held up due to litigations, instructions will be issued for holding adhoc promotions subject to review of final judicial verdict.

Demand No. -5. Cadre Composition- finalization and implementation-

Demand No. -6. Implementation of Cadre Restructuring-

These two items have been referred to the above Committee to finalise  and suggest to the Board for further action.

Demand No. 7. Provisions of Mobile handsets. It is informed that due to some observation and reservation of the Department of Expenditure, the same is held back and will have to wait for some more time.

Demand No.-8. Grant advance increment to Sr. TA & Stgrs. For passing ITI Exam. It is informed that due to some observation and reservation of the Department of Expenditure, the same is held back and will have to wait for some more time.

Demand No. 9. Financial Benefit on promotion to the Posts of OS & Stgr. Gr.I.

Demand No. 10. Restore the scheme of special pay to various  cadres.

These two issues also stand referred to the Committee to finalise the proposal.

Demand No.11. Infrastructure Fund: a) Provisions of desktops to all staff:  It was informed that the purchase of computers have now stands decentralized and the CCsIT are the competent authority to evaluate the requirement and purchase.  On our request it was agreed that a uniform instructions will be issued to the CCsIT to purchase and provide 6 computers per range to be exclusively provided for the use of Staff.

b) Provision of Air conditioners. ITEF was asked to further specify the requirement.  The ITEF is also to report wherever the Air-conditioners are not provided while modernizing the Ranges for which Rs 40 lakhs were provided for each range.

Demand No. 12- Departmental Examination- As per the Working Committee decision the issue of wrong answers determined by the Directorate for computer evaluation of answer papers were taken up.  We were told to give a detailed report on this issue.  The sample scrutiny done by the Madhya Pradesh and Chatisgarh Circle will be the basis of our report.  Meanwhile we have requested the DG (Admn) to release the answer key of all papers of 2011 Examination for our verification and necessary action which has been agreed upon.

Demand No. 13- Tarang Telecommunication Scheme. During the discussion it was pointed out by us that inspite of lapse of one year, the service provider has not updated the scheme.  On the part of the Department also, inspite of providing sufficient extra land line connection not even a single extra one has been installed in any places.  Especially in guest houses, canteen, staff room etc. still only PABX Extension are available.  We have been asked to report such matters to the CIT C&S.  All the Circle General Secretaries are requested to bring to our notice the shortcomings in the Tarang Scheme and whether sufficient numbers of land line connections have been provided in the places where it is intended to be provided as per the instant instructions.

In view of the above, the available members of the Secretariat decided to defer the agitational programme.   The Secretariat profusely thank all the Circles and General members for preparing themselves for the agitational  programme.


With greetings,


Yours fraternally,



(Ashok B Salunkhe)

Secretary General.