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ITEF/ 37 /08

Dated: 1st March, 2008




            The Secretariat of the ITEF CHQ met at Chennai on 13-02-2008.  Com.V.S.R.Krishna Presided.  Following decisions were taken at the meeting:


Agenda ItemNo.1: 

Election Commission:


It was decided to reconstitute the Election Commission by inducting Com.M.Santhanam as Member.


Disciplinary Committee:  Com.K.B.Verma, Com.Arun C.Trivedi and Com.Tarun Dutta will be the members of the Disciplinary Committee.  Com.Tarun Dutta will be member-secretary.


Agenda Item No.2:

Utilization of Infrastructure Fund


The Secretariat taking into account the meager amount of hardly 6 crores allotted for providing infrastructure facilities to the non-gazetted employees , decided to reiterate the demands made in ITEF letter in N-1/8 dated 14-08-2007 and intimate the Board that the failure of acceptance of the same will result in agitational programme being launched by the ITEF besides organizing non-cooperation movement.  The secretariat decided to fix 31st March 2008 as deadline for achieving this demand through bilateral talks.


Item No.3:

Review of dues of Aayakar and renewal fees:


The Secretariat noted the progress in the remittances of dues.  The Finance Secretary was asked to constantly pursue with the units which are yet to honour the commitments made in this regard at the last CWC meeting.


Agenda Item No.4: 

JCA demands and /settlement thereof:

The meeting identified the regions where the programmes were not effectively carried out and decided to take steps to ensure that the members in these regions are addressed by a team of office bearers of the CHQ.  It was also decided to cause a fuller discussion in the matter at the next meeting of the CWC.  Since the vindictive transfers in Tamilnadu charge had been vacated , the decision to call off the ongoing agitational programmes by the JCA was considered to be appropriate.


Agenda Item No. 5 

Review of  Confederation Programmes:


It was noted that despite constant efforts many units were still in the habit of not sending written reports regarding the participation in the programmes.  The Circles will be once again asked to provide the CHQ with written reports indicating the extent of participation of the members in the last strike on 30th October, 2007.


Agenda Item No.6: 

Any other matter:


The Secretariat felt that the ITEF should take up with the Govt the necessity of reviving the practice of regional recruitment to lower categories like TA etc in view of the difficulties experienced by the present recruitees.



To move a resolution in the next CWC demanding that the SC/ST candidates may be provided with another opportunity to write the departmental examination to improve their marks.


To revitalize the efforts to bring about a united movement of daily-rated, contingent and casual workers.           


            With greetings,

Yours fraternally,




Secretary General












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N.1/2008                                                                                            Dated: 14th Aug., 2007




Shri A.K.Sinha,

Commissioner of Income tax (C0.0rd)

O/O the Chairman,                                            

Central Board of Direct Taxes,

North Block,

New Delhi.


Dear Sir,


Sub: Utilisation of the infrastructure fund

suggestions – regarding-


            We write this with reference to the discussion, we had on 6th August, 2007 on the above subject.  In the light of the said discussion, we caused consultation with our Circles and make the following suggestions:


1.                  The fund, being meant for infrastructural development, should primarily be used for a common utility.

2.                  In our opinion, the first priority should be to bring about a healthy and clean ambience at the office, so that output and productivity could be increased.  We, therefore suggest that the funds available must be used to centrally aircondition the office premises owned and occupied by the Department.  Once this is done, the existing split ACs and Window ACs could be provided for use in the rented buildings.

3.                  Often the employees and officers are asked to go on tour to different offices.  Our guest house accommodation at Metro cities and other important towns are few and far between and priority is always given to Senior officers.  As we have brought to your notice, at some of the stations, the rooms are in continuous occupation of the officers, perhaps even in violation of the existing rules.  A part of the fund must be earmarked for providing more such rooms, either by way of construction or by reaching agreements with some reputed hotels in the said towns.  It must be made available on a first come first served basis.

4.                  We have no objection with the suggestion of providing laptops to all officers.  As we have proposed at the meeting, the same should be extended to the Group C employees at the level of Office Supdt., Sr.TAs and TAs as they are primarily assigned with the large chunk of data entry work.  Despite spending large amount of money[some times even surrendering the funds for want of proper utilization]the staff in many places are still to be supplied with desktop PCs .

5.                  In the case of Inspectors, as they are assigned with field work, they must be provided with Motor Bikes, as they are already granted petrol allowance.

6.                  In the case of Notice Servers who are called upon for service of statutory notices in the case of scrutiny assessments, whose number is likely to be increased from this financial year onwards, they must be provided with Mopeds to help them to reach out the assessees faster and cheaper.

7.                  In the case of Group D employees in order to have a better and personalized communication system, especially taking into account the lack of it in moffusil stations, we suggest that they may be provided with mobile phones of a good quality with a provision for a pre-paid card of Rs.500 per month.

8.                  In the case of Group C employees, who are not covered by the above or due to insufficiency of funds, they are not in a position to be provided with laptop, this year, they may be granted mobile phones with prepaid card worth Rs.1500/- every month.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,





                                                                                                                 Secretary General.