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Dated: 16th February, 2009



Dear Comrades,


XXVII All India Delegates Conference of

ITEF held at Mumbai from 10th Feb.2009 to

14th February, 2009.


                        The XXVII all India Delegates Conference of ITEF was held at Mumbai. The inaugural and open sessions were held at Patkar Hall, Near Aayakar Bhawan, Mumbai on 10th Feb. 2009.   The Subject Sessions were held at Com. Sharad Parab Hall, (K. Star Hotel, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai).  Prior to  the Conference, on 9th the Central Working Committee of the Federation met at Aaykar Bhawan and the Joint CWC meeting along with the representatives of the ITGOA was also held at the same venue.  The agenda for discussion at the joint CWC meeting was the need for strengthening the joint functioning at Circle and Branch levels.  A separate report will be sent to you over the discussions at the Joint CWC meeting separately.

            The Conference was inaugurated by Shri Shaik Naimuddin, Member ( Personnel) CBDT.  Shri S.S.N. Murthy, who took over as Chairman, CBDT, on Ist Feb. 2009 could not attend the Conference due to the standing Committee meeting of the Parliament. He had sent a message, which was read out by Com. Ashok Salunkhe, Addl. Secretary. ITEF.  The delegates and observers and the members of ITEF Mumbai Circle, who had assembled at the Patkar Hall, for the inaugural session was greeted and extended hearty  welcome by the Hon'ble Mayor of the City of Mumbai, Ms. Shobha Raul, being the Chairperson of the Reception Committee.  The inaugural session was addressed by   distinguished guests, Shri P.C. Chotaray, CCIT, Mumbai, Com. M.K. Pandhe, President, CITU, Com. Pradeep Biswas, General Secretary, Bank Employees Federation of India, Com. R.G. Karnik, President, All India State Government Employees Federation, Com. B. Shanthikumar, President, ITGOA. Besides, Com. VSR. Krishna, President, ITEF and Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Secretary General ITEF also addressed the session.


            The Open session was held at the same venue from 3.00 PM. to 6.30 PM. The session was inaugurated by Com. Brinda Karat, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). Com. P.S. Rashtrapal, (former Joint Secretary of ITEF) and presently Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha),  Com. S.K.Vyas, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government employees and Workers, Com . K. Raghavendran, Secretary General, National Federation of Postal Employees, Com. Rajesh Menon, General Secretary, ITGOA,  Com. R.P. Singh, Secretary, Co-ordination Committee of Confederation of CGEs and Workers, Mumbai City were the other distinguished speakers who addressed the gathering at the open session. The session was followed by a cultural evening organized by the reception committee. 

            The delegates session of the Conference commenced on 11th Feb. 2009, at Com. Sharad Parab hall with  address by Shri Sanjeev Naik, former Mayor of Navi Mumbai and Shri P.C. Chotaray, CCIT Mumbai.  The family members of  late Com. Sharad Parab were felicitated immediately thereafter while paying respectful homage to him and in reminiscence of the yeomen services rendered by him in developing the movement of I.T. employees in general and the employees of Mumbai in particular.  The conference was greeted by the leaders of the following sister organizations .


1.      Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNL Employees Union.

2.      Com.Sukomal Sen, General Secretary, Trade Union International, Public and Allied services of World Federation of Trade Unions.

3.      Com. Brighu Bhattacharya, Secretary General All India Civil Accounts Employees Association;

4.      Com. M.S. Raja, Secretary General, All India Audit and Accounts employees Association;

5.      Com. Kaushik Roy, General Secretary, All India Central Excise Inspectors Asscoation,

6.      Com.Saugatha Chakraborthy, General Secretary, All India Customs Ministerial Officers Federation,

7.      Com. Rajarishi Dasgupta, former Secretary General, ITGOA

8.      Com. G. Gopalan, former President, ITGOA.

Shri Ganesh Naik, Minister of Excise in the State of Maharashtra was to inaugurate the delegate session.  He could not attend on 11th due to unavoidable pre-occupation. He addressed the delegates on 13th pre-noon session. The Conference had a seminar on 12th afternoon on the contemporary subject "Global Financial Crisis and its impact on Indian economy and working class".  The seminar was addressed by Com. Vivek Monterio, Secretary, Maharashtra State Committee of CITU, Dr. Thekkadath, former Secretary of Mumbai University and College Teachers Union, and Com. K. Venugopal, General Secretary, All India Insurance Employees Association.  The Conference had  a largely  attended 'Women Convention' on 13th afternoon, on the subject "problems faced by women at work place" which was addressed by Com. Ranjana Nirula, Editor "Voice of Working Women" and  Com. Madhu Paranjpe, Joint Secretary, Mumbai University and College Teachers Union.


Detailed minutes of the Conference is under preparation and the same would be published in the next issue our Journal "Aayakar"


Decisions taken agenda wise are given hereunder:


Agenda Item No.1.

Condolence Resolution.  Com. Secretary General read out the Condolence resolutions to pay respectful homage of the house to the departed comrades and leaders.  It was decided that the resolution condoling the death of Com. Gaikwad of Pune Charge, which had been omitted to be printed would be circulated in the house. The same was done.(Text of the resolution given hereunder)  The Condolence resolutions were adopted by observing two minutes silence.

Com Tukaram Gaikwad: Com Tukaram Gaikwad joined the Income Tax Department 28 years ago as a watchman employee in Pune Charge.  He took active interest in the trade union movement and became the General Secretary, Pune Income Tax Group D Employees Association, which later became ITEF Group D Circle, Pune.  After the Special Conference of ITEF, which was held at Baroda in 1996, when the erstwhile federal structure of our organization was made into unitary one, Pune also decided to have a Special Conference for the formal adoption of the new constitution.  It was under the stewardship of Com. Gaikwad, the Pune Income Tax Group D Employees Association decided to merge with the Group C Association and organize itself as ITEF, Pune Circle.  Com. Gaikwad became the Joint Secretary and continued in that capacity for a very long time.

Com Gaikwad was also associated with the Co-ordination Committee of Central Government Employees in Pune.  He was the livewire in the movement of Central Government Employees in Pune.  He has acted as the General Secretary of ITEF, Pune Circle, during the absence of the elected General Secretary.  He was known to each and every comrades in Pune Charge and was also associated with the social movement.  In his sudden demise on 28th October, 2008, not only the Income Tax Employees of Pune but the entire tax fraternity has lost an affectionate comrade and we pay our respectful homage.


Agenda Item No.2.

Confirmation of the minutes of the last Conference.

The detailed minutes of the XXVI Conference held at Chennai had already been published in the journal Aayakar.  However for the facility of easy reference, the same had been incorporated in the Conference document as Annexure 1. Page No. 74.  The house after discussion approved the minutes.

Agenda Item No.3.

Presentation, consideration, discussion and approval of the report and accounts submitted by the Secretary General;

Agenda Item No. 7. Discussion and adoption of resolutions on Departmental issues.

Agenda Item No. 8.

 Discussion and adoption of resolutions on Common issues.


The Secretary General presented the report and highlighted the various issues incorporated in the report.  He said that the resolutions on departmental and common issues had been   incorporated in the report on the basis of what had been received at the  CHQ. He added that  the members who had not responded earlier might express not only opinion on the demands already incorporated but present fresh issues for the consideration of the steering Committee. The report was discussed at length and the deliberations were summed up by the Secretary General. The report was unanimously approved by the house.  The Chairman, steering Committee, Com. K.P. Rajgopal then presented resolutions on issues which were referred to by the delegates during the discussions on the Secretary General's report as also on those matters the Committee had received resolution in writing at the Conference venue.    The house discussed the issues. The text of the resolutions adopted by the house would be published separately in the journal. The resolution No.16. viz. "10% of the posts of ITOs should be filled up from among the Sr. Inspectors who have not qualified the Departmental Examination" was discussed at length.  In view of the sharp difference of opinion emerged, it was decided:        that

(i) this resolution should be circulated amongst the Circles with a brief explanatory note

(ii) the circles should discuss the same in their Circle Working Committee to elicit the opinion of the cross section of the employees

(iii) The report of the Circle Working Committees should be made available to the CHQ Sectt

(iv) and the same should be placed before the next working Committee for a final decision in the matter.

The house also inter alia discussed the BPR report and the CPU that is being set up at Bangalore.  It was decided that the various facets of the BPR report and problems faced by the ITEF Karnataka Circle on the setting up of the CPU should be discussed by the CHQ Sectt. with the Karnataka Circle Working Committee and appropriate advice tendered to them.   It was felt by the house that settlement of some of the department- specific issues cannot brook delay and therefore authorized the Sectt. and the CWC to immediately meet and decide on future agitational programmes including strike action.  The resolution specifically adopted in this regard is reproduced hereunder:


"The XXVII All India Delegates Conference of the ITEF held at Mumbai from 10th to 14th February, 2009 after the deliberations on the report submitted by the Secretary General resolved unanimously;


That the ITEF should embark upon agitational programmes including strike action, if no settlement as assured by the CBDT earlier is not brought about on the charter of demands and especially on the following issues immediately.


(i)                            assigning grade pay of Rs. 4600 as per Government of India notification to Inspectors, Private Secretaries and Administrative officers and Rs. 1800 to all Group D employees;

(ii)                          all employees are provided with mobile phone facility out of the infrastructure fund;

(iii)                         no outsourcing of any departmental functions, especially the return processing, as per the recommendations of the BPR report;

(iv)                        the BPR should not be acted upon without reaching an agreement with the ITEF

(v)                          all Group C employees be provided with desktop computers to facilitate and speed up the functions entrusted to them immediately.


The Conference decided that the newly elected CHQ Secretariat should meet immediately to chalk out necessary campaign programme to popularize the demands and mobilize the members for the eventual action, to be organized;


The Conference regretfully noted that the DG (Systems) and the Directorate of System have totally failed in providing the software programme and hardware tools in time resulting in inordinate delay in processing returns.  The migration of data to the National Server and the delay in connectivity have compounded the problem.  The Conference decided to demand that no new system be introduced before the present scheme is stabilized and made effective.


The Conference after considering the Accounts submitted by the CWC for the three years came to the conclusion that the financial health of the ITEF CHQ has to be improved and the renewal fees which are the only sustainable income should be significantly increased.  It was also considered by the house that in the event of the revision of wages on acceptance of the 6th CPC recommendations, the income of members of the ITEF has also gone up and in the circumstances an increase in the rate of renewal fees would not be a financial strain for the members.  Accordingly it was decided that the renewal fees would be raised from April, 2009 onwards as under:


            1. for those employees who are in PB 1.                       Rs. 20/=

            2. for those who are in PB 2                                         Rs. 30/=


            The Conference also took note of the fact that the dues on account of salary and allowance for the outgoing Secretary General are huge as is depicted in the Balance Sheet for the year 31.3.2008.  The Conference asked the CHQ Secretariat to immediately pay off the dues to Com. K.K.N. Kutty from out of the existing funds.


The CHQ will make out a statement showing the dues from each Circle on account of the Special fund to be collected as per the decision of the last CWC meeting from out of the arrears, the members were to receive on account of pay revision.  It was noted by the Conference that only a modest amount of Rs. 100 per member had been stipulated.  Since a part of the amount so collected is to be remitted to the Confederation, the house decided that the Sectt. should immediately take appropriate decision to ensure the collection thereof from all circles.


The house after discussions also adopted certain resolutions on common and general issues (mentioned hereunder). The full text of these resolutions would be published in our journal Aayakar in the coming months.


1.      On Right to strike

2.      on downsizing of the Governmental organizations

3.      On Labour laws amendments

4.      On PFRDA bill

5.      On public distribution system

6.      Against Banking and insurance reforms

7.      On the Indo American strategic partnership agreement and nuclear deal.

Discussing on the ongoing cadre review exercise for which the Board has set up a committee, it was decided that the draft report of the Committee as and when prepared should be subjected to discussion at the CWC meeting and the ITEF view for or against the report be formulated based on the deliberation and decision of the CWC.  The house also decided that since the Committee is in the final stage of its deliberations and preparation of the report, Com. Kutty should continue to represent ITEF in the said committee.


Agenda Item No. 4.

Matter for consideration and decision under article XVIII of the Constitution.


The issue concerning the suspension of Com.Pankaj Saxena, from the primary membership of ITEF Gujarath Circle had been referred to the Disciplinary Committee.  Before finalization of the report, the Chairman of the Committee passed away and the work could not be progressed thereafter. Though the CWC decided to appoint Com. Bimal Bose as the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, the report could not be finalized due to his continued illness.  Since the issue required probing and inquiry, the Conference decided that the matter should be looked into by the new Disciplinary Committee within three months and its report submitted to the Central Working Committee for appropriate action.


Agenda Item No.5.

Amendment to the Constitution.

The Secretariat circulated the amendment it had received for the consideration of the house.  The amendment reads as under:


"Amendment to Article IXB(i)

The following words will be added after the word "meeting" to the existing article IXB(i).

Members of the Advisory Committee, Chairman, Disciplinary Committee and the Chief Election Commissioner


Note: The members of the Advisory  Committee shall be nominated by the All India Delegates Conference from among the members of ITEF who retired honorably from service.

Insert the following clause to Article IX

Clause D.  Advisory Committee. It shall consist of three members nominated by the All India Delegates Conference, on the basis of the recommendation of the Central Working Committee from among the comrades, who retire honourably from the Department. .

Explanatory: Note:

The above amendment is proposed to ensure that the services of veteran comrades who retired on superannuation would become available for the Central Working Committee in an advisory capacity.  It shall not have more than three members. The nomination to the Advisory Committee will be done at the Conference on the basis of the recommendation of the Central Working Committee. The house accepted the amendment as suggested."


Agenda Item No. 6.

Report of the Chairman, Disciplinary Committee and Chief Election Commissioner.

            The reports of the Chairman, Disciplinary Committee and the Chief Election Commissioner were discussed.  The next CWC was asked to discuss and formulate as to how the expenses connected with the office of the Chief Election Commissioner have to be met as it has been found from his report that the Election Commissioner had been dragged to various courts in the country by some members.  Defending the decision of the CEC is the requirement and the modus operandi of doing that would be discussed by the Sectt. for the consideration and approval of the CWC.  The decision of the Chairman, Disciplinary Committee might also face litigation in future.  The CWC will decide on this aspect also.  After some discussions, the reports submitted by these two committees were accepted.


Agenda Item No. 8.

Resolution on Policy and Programme.

The Sectt. had circulated for the consideration of the house the full text of the resolution on policy and programme. The same was subjected to discussion.  The Resolution as circulated was adopted.  The  text of the resolution adopted would be published in the Aayakar in the coming months.


Agenda No. 10.

Budget estimate for the next three years.  

It was noticed by the house that on an average the expenses on all items do increase at 20% every year.  Having taken the decision to increase the renewal fees, it was decided that the CHQ Sectt. should monitor the collection and if necessary bring forward suggestion for special working fund etc. before the Central Working Committee.




Agenda Item No.11.


Taking into account the mounting arrears on Aayakar dues, the house decided that the CHQ Sectt. should ensure that the arrears are collected from the defaulting units.  It was also decided that the dispatch of Aayakar should be stopped after three months if payments are not made by any Circle.  The Sectt. Informed the house that the RNI has afforded permission to publish the journal bilingually i.e. in Hindi and English. Unless the number of pages is increased, the Sectt. pointed out that the said permission would not bring about any utility value.  The house after deliberation took the following decision.


(i)                             to bifurcate the accounts of the ITEF CHQ by maintaining separate accounts for the journal (as this has become mandatory requirement for continuing permission from RNI).

(ii)                            Com. K.K.N. Kutty would continue to be the Editor, Printer and Publisher of the Journal;

(iii)                          The number of pages of the journal would be increased to 20 from the present format of 16

(iv)                          The per copy subscription price will be increased to Rs. 5/- and annual subscription to Rs. 50/-


Agenda Item No. 12

The house adopted the resolution moved from the chair to amend the constitutional provision regarding the nomination to the National Council of the JCM.  The words – " and the Secretary General shall represent the ITEF at the National Council, JCM" appearing in Clause C(iv)(1) of Article IX of the Constitution was  replaced as under:-

"and the Conference shall nominate through a resolution any of the present or former  CHQ Secretariat members to represent ITEF at the National Council, JCM ."


Taking into account that the ITEF requires the services of Com. K.K.N. Kutty, who would be laying down the office of the Secretary General ITEF after this Conference, the house unanimously decided that Com. K.K.N. Kutty should be nominated to the National Council JCM.  The resolution in this connection was thus moved from the Chair and the same was adopted by the house unanimously.  The exact text of the amendment to the Constitution and the resolution would be published in the coming issues of Aayakar.


Agenda Item No. 13. Election of office bearers

Com. Umesh Mehta, Chief Election Commissioner along with the members of the Election Commission, Com. M. Santhanam, Com. Rameshwar Prasad Chaudhary, conducted the elections at the 27th Conference. The election to all posts had been unanimous.  The posts of Joint Secretary (JCM) and the Zonal Secretary (North) are presently vacant having received no nomination by the time fixed by the Election Commission. The next meeting of the Central Working Committee will take decision on co-option to fill up these vacancies.  The President in consultation with the Secretary General and taking into account the views of the concerned Circle General Secretary is entitled to nominate Assistant Secretaries for helping the CHQ Sectt. to function.  The next meeting of the Sectt. will consider the suggestions in this regard and would take appropriate decisions.


The Chief Election Commissioner declared that the following comrades were elected at the Conference as office bearers of the ITEF CHQ.


Chief Election Commissioner

Income Tax Employees Federation

New Delhi

XXVII All India Conference: Mumbai 2009


No. ITEF/ED/2008-2009                               Dated, the 14th February, 2009.




            The following comrades are declared elected for the posts mentioned against their names:


S. No.          Name of the Post                               Name of  Candidate  Circle


01.               PRESIDENT:                                Com. K.P. RAJGOPAL Tamilnadu


02.                            VICE PRESIDENTS –

Group C-1                      Com.  C.M. BADOLA.Western UP-C

Group C-2                     Com.  P.K. VASUDEVA.NW Region.C

Group D-1                    Com.  HARI OM          Delhi  Gr.D


03.              SECRETARY GENERAL.               Com. ASHOK B.SALUNKHE.Mumbai

04.              ADDITIONAL SECRERATY        Com. AMITAVA DEY N.E Circle

05.              FINANCE SECRETARY               Com. RUPAK SARKAR. Bengal C

            06.              JOINT SECRETARIES . 1             Com. YASHWANT PUROHIT. MP&C

                                                                      2.               Vacant

07.                           ASSISTANT SECRETARIES

08.                             GROUP-C                                    Com.  K. BABU THOMAS. Kerala

                                GROUP-D                                     Com.  MANMOHAN NAIK. Bengal.D


09.                           ZONAL SECRETARIES:

                                      NORTH   :                 Vacant

                                                EAST      :                    Com. MUKTESWAR PRASAD.BiharC

                                                WEST     :                   Com. K.R. JADEJA. Gujarat

                                                SOUTH   :                   Com. B.N. GOVARDHANA.Karnatka



                                                                 (UMESH MEHTHA)

                                                                     Chief Election Commissioner


Agenda item No.14.

Selection and appointment of Chairman, Disciplinary Committee, Chief Election Commissioner and Auditor.

The house adopted the suggestion made by the Sectt. in this regard and approved the appointment of Com. V.S.R. Krishna, as Chairman, Disciplinary Committee, Com. P.V. Ramachandran, as Chief Election Commissioner and Com. Ravi Nair (ITEF Mumbai Circle) as the Auditor for the ensuing term.

The house unanimously adopted the suggestion of the Chair to nominate the following comrades to the Advisory Committee, who would be the Ex-officio members of the Central Working Committee.


1.       Com. Bimal Bose

2.       Com. Umesh Mehta

3.       Com. K.K.N. Kutty.


The house also decided to nominate the following lady comrades as the Special invitees to the Central Working Committee meetings.


1.       Com. Usha from A.P. Circle Group C.

2.       Com. Asha Aggarwal from Bihar Circle Group C.

3.       Com. Geetha Ghoshal. From West Bengal Group Cr Circle

4.       Com. Kety C. Todiwala from Gujarat Circle.

5.       Com. Nirmala from Karnataka Circle

6.       Com. Suit Hazarika from NE Circle

7.       Com. Vidya Bodes from Mumbai Group C. Circle.

8.       Com. Swapanuja Pathak from Mumbai Group C Circle

9.       Com. Kashkar from Vidharbha Circle Group C.

10.   Com. Pushpa  Rawat. From Delhi Group C. Circle.

11.   One comrade to be nominated by Tamilnadu Circle.


Agenda Item No. 15.

Any other issues with the permission of the Chair.

Several issues, mostly concerning the Departmental problems were raised by the delegates.  The detailed minutes will reflect the discussions and decisions on these issues raised at the house. 

The Conference was concluded on 14th at 2.30 PM with Com. Amitab Dey, Additional Secretary of ITEF proposing vote of thanks to all those delegates/observers who attended the conference and expressing the gratitude of the ITEF CHQ to the ITEF Mumbai Circle for the excellent arrangements they had done for the conduct of the Conference.  He praised the services rendered by the volunteer comrades of the ITEF Mumbai Circle, but for which he said that the conduct of the Conference would not have been hassle free and smooth. 

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


Ashok Salunkhe.

Secretary General.