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Circular No.2


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Dated: 25.2.2009

Dear Comrade,


            We append hereunder the orders issued by the Government of India setting up the anomaly committee.  Kindly go through the definition of the anomaly.  It does not give any scope for settling  any of the Pay Commission related issues.  Still we can take some issues in the anomaly committee. Kindly send us the suggestions as to which of the items could be taken up at the anomaly committee.  Your reply may kindly be sent to us by 15th March, 2009.

            The discussions in the Cadre Restructuring Committee have been held on 19th and 20th inst.  There had been several sub committees set up. Most of them have made their presentations.  A few of them are yet to make.  The last meeting is slated for 3rd March, 2009.  After the said meeting, the DIT (HRD) will make a draft report for eliciting further opinion from all stake holders   It  is necessary as per the decision of the Conference to meet in the working committee and discuss the formulation of the cadre restructuring committee.  The BPR report and the acceptance thereof will go to reduce the manpower at lower level significantly.  The cadre restructuring proposal is expected to heavily depend upon the recommendation of the BPR Committee and therefore the report  in all probabilities would cement the demand for more officers and less staff.  We shall be issuing notice for the Central Working Committee  by 3rd March, 2009

            The next formal meeting with the Chairman is fixed for 4th March 2009. The pay commission related issues inter alia will come up for discussion.

            The Directorate of HRD has issued an order asking the Chief Commissioners of Income tax to report as to whether the Group D Employees had been given the grade pay of Rs. 1800 or not.  The Group D employees who are matriculates are required to be fixed in PB1 with the grade pay of Rs. 1800.  The non matriculates are required to be given training for a period not exceeding three months and are to be placed in the grae pay of Rs. 1800 within six months which expires in Feb. 2009.  There is no mention of the training module in the DIT (HRD)'s letter.  We have already taken up this matter with him.  Still a reply to his letter to the CCIT is required and all Circles are requested to ensure that the reply is sent from the CCIT office immediately. 

            The Circle General Secretaries are also requested to ensure that the declaration forms from all members are obtained and submitted to the CCIT immediately to ensure that we get cent percent membership in the verification and extension of recognition for another five year period.

            With greetings,


Yours fraternally,



Ashok Salunkhe

Secretary General

Copy of letter no HRD/CM/175/14/2008-09/254 Dated 9th February 2009



Sub: Placement of Group D employees in Group C consequent the decision of Govt of India on recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission (CPC)..


            In the accordance with the recommendations of the 6th CPC, all the Group D employees would be placed in the Pay Scale of Group C employees in PB-1 with Grade Pay of Rs.1800 through a prescribed process in a phased   manner. This in sub- para (v)  

(ii) of para I of para A 0f annexure I to the government of India resolution No.1/1/2008 IC dated 29/8/2008. The matter is further clarified in the charter 3.7 of the 6th CPC report. The relevant sub paras (i), (ii) and (iii) to para 3.7.9 of this charter, which prescribe the process by which all group D employees would be upgraded to pay scale of Group C employee, read as under


(i)                  Initially all Group D employees shall be placed in the-IS pay scale with appropriate grade Pay. The Commission would like to reiterate that-IS pay scale is not a regular Pay scale. This pay scale has been devised mainly for the purpose of initial fixation of Pay of the Group D employees who had already been recruited on the regular basis as on the date of implementation of this recommendation by the Government.


(ii)                 Thereafter, such of those Group D employees as already possess the revised minimum qualification prescribed for entry into the GroupC  pay band along with a Grade Pay of  Rs 1800 would be placed in that grade( band of 4680-20200 {revised by Government as Rs.5200-20200} along with a grade pay of Rs. 1800) with the effect from 01/01/2006. No fitment benefit would be given again for this fixation. The Commission has devised a fitment table (table 3.7.1) for this fixation. All the fixation  should be done accordingly


(iii)               Such of those existing Group D employees who do not possess the minimum qualifications prescribed would need to be retrained. The training package would need to be evolved separately for each of the individual Ministry/ department/ Organization keeping in view their specific needs. Job description of Group D posts so upgraded and placed in Group C shall also be revised and re-defined with emphasis on multi- skilling, the Group D staff will be placed in the Pay band PB-1 of Rs. 4860-20200{ revised by Government as Rs.5200-20200} with the grade pay of Rs. 1800. Once placed in the PB-1 Pay Band , this category of Group D  staff will regain their seniority vis-à-vis the other category of Group D staff that already possessed the minimum prescribed qualifications and were, therefore, placed in the PB-1 Pay Band immediately


2. It may be mentioned that the Government of India has accepted the above recommendations of the 6th CPC.


3. In this regard, I am directed to request that information may kindly be provided on following issues:-


a)      Present status of the process of up-gradation of pay scales of Group D employees who already possess the required minimum qualification prescribed for entry into Group C posts, to PB-1 with Grade Pay of Rs.1800 from-1S scale.

b)      Steps taken for evolving training package with emphasis  on multy-skilling for the training of all Group D employees not covered under(a) above i.e., who do not possess the prescribed minimum qualification for entry to Group C in the light of the specific recommendation of 6th CPC as quoted in sub-para (iii) above.

4. A status report may kindly be sent to this Directorate at the earliest, so that the       same  can be submitted to the Board .


5. This issues with the approval of Member(P&V)


Yours faithfully


Praveen Kishore

Joint Director of Income Tax(HRD)



Copy of letter  No.11/2/2008-JCA  dated 12th January, 2009.


Subject: setting up of Anomaly Committee to Settle the Anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 6th Pay Commissions recommendation.


            The undersigned is directed to say that in terms of an agreement with the Staff Side of National Council, it has been decided that appropriate Anomaly Committees should be set up, consisting the representatives of the Official Side and the Staff side to settle the anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission's recommendations, subject to the following conditions, namely:


(1)    Definition of Anomaly

            Anomaly will include the following cases:

(a)    Where the Official Side are of the opinion that any recommendation is in contravention of the principle of the principle or the policy enunciated by the 6th Central Pay Commission itself without the Commission assigning any reason; and

(b)    Where the maximum of the revised scale is less than the amount at which one is entitled to be fixed except in those cases where the same is as a result of modified fixation formula adopted by the Govt. and

(c)    Where the amount of revised allowance is less than existing rate.


(2)    Composition:

There will be 2 levels of Anomaly Committees, National and Departmental, consisting of representatives of the Official Side and the Staff side of the National Council respectively.


(3)    The Departmental anomaly Committee may be chaired by the Additional      secretary (Admn) or the Joint secretary (Admn), if there is no post of Additional secretary (Admn). Financial Advisor of the Ministry/ Department shall be one of the Members of the Departmental Anomaly Committee.

(4)    The National Anomaly Committee will deal with the anomalies common to two or more Departments and in respect of common categories of employees. The Department Anomaly Committee will deal with the anomalies pertaining exclusively to the Department concerned and having no repercussions on the employees of another Ministry /Department in the opinion of Financial Adviser. The items already taken up by the fast track Committee, will not be considered by the Anomaly Committee.

(5)    The Anomaly Committee shall receive anomalies through Secretary, Staff Side of respective Council up-to six months from the date of its constitution and it will finally dispose of all the anomalies within a period of one year from the date of its constitution. Any recommendations of the Anomaly Committee to resolve the anomaly shall be subject to the approval of the Government.

(6)    Cases where there is dispute about the definition of "anomaly" and those where there is a disagreement between the Staff Side and the Official side on the anomaly will be referred to an "Arbitrator" to be appointed out of a panel of names proposed by the two sides. However, this arbitration will not be a part of the JCM Scheme.

(7)    The Arbitrator so appointed shall consider the disputed cases arising in the Anomaly Committees at the National as well as Departmental level.

(8)    Orders regarding appointment of the Arbitrator and constitution of Anomaly Committee at National Level will be issued separately.

(9)    All Ministries /Departments are accordingly requested to take urgent action to set up the Anomaly Committee for the settlement of anomalies arising out of implementation of the 6th Pay Commission's recommendations, as stipulated above.



(Dinesh Kapila)

Deputy Secretary (JCA)  



Copy of office Memorandum F.No. 7/5/2009-Coord dated 6th February 2009


Subject: Setting up of Anomaly Committee to settle the anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission recommendations.


            As per the directions of the Deptt. of Personnel and Training vide their OM No. 11/2/2008- JCA dated 12.01.2009, it has been decided to constitute Departmental Anomaly Committee in respect of Department of Revenue. The details of the Committee is given as under:


            Additional Secretary (Revenue)- Chairman

            Joint Secretary(Admn)CBEC- Member

            Joint Secretary(Admn) CBDT-Member


2. This issues with the approval of Secretary (Revenue)


(Priya V.K.Singh)