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Circular No.29                                                                                    Dated: 30th June, 2010


Dear Comrade,


            The representatives of the two Federations met the Chairman and other authorities of the Board on 28.06.2010. The Charter of demands in pursuance of which the Central JCA has declared to organize a STRIKE programme on 15.07.2010 was discussed. The outcome of the discussion in brief is presented in the Central JCAs communiction in this regard. It could be seen that no tangible outcome has come about from the said meeting. The Central JCA met thereafter and decided to go ahead with the programme of action and formally served the Strike Notice on 29.06.2010. The Strike action is to be followed up with intensified agitations in the form of Non Cooperation with regard to Search and Seizure, Survey (including TDS enquiry, verification etc.) . We request you to kindly take all steps required for ensuring cent percent participations of our members in the strike action.


            With best wishes,


Yours fraternally,



(Ashok B Salunkhe)

Secretary General.


1. Stop outsourcing. CPC must function strictly as per Agreement reached with JCA.

a.  The Board indicated to honour the agreement. However, it said that the problem emanating from the insufficiency of manpower especially in the cadre of Tax Assistants persists and wanted the JCA to address to the said issue.   No consensus could be reached on the issue except that the matter could be further discussed..

b. As regards caretaking staff, only the usual assurance was given that necessary instructions will be issued to the CCsIT to recruit the people locally  to fill up the  meagre vacancies. It was the contention of the Board that filling up of the existing vacancies in the erstwhile cadre of Group D would not resolve the issue in as much as the manpower requirement to carry out the functions is huge.  The Board was not in agreement with the proposal mooted by the Federations that till the Government sanctions necessary manpower, the local employment exchanges could be approached to provide persons on daily rated basis.

2. a. Reimburse Mobile phone charges to all employees in  the department.

What was being told to us during the last one year was repeated that the Board has approved the scheme and the file has gone to the Department of Expenditure and it is hoped that the approval of the Govt. will be coming soon.

 b. Sanction Laptops to all Gaz. Officers including newly promoted ITOs, AO,PS / Sr. PS on non-returnable basis.

LAPTOPS upto ITO was sanctioned with the approval of then FM. Now if it is to be given to AO & PS, Board was of the opinion that FM's approval was required and a suitable proposal with justification will be sent.

c. Provide Desktop computers to all Group C employees.

It was stated that necessary steps will be taken to get sanction for procuring required computers to be provided to all sections in the Department.

3. Publish Civil List without any further loss of time, on the lines it was issued till 2006. Publish seniority list of Group 'B' 'C' & 'D' employees as per Board's instructions on an annual basis.

Board was of the opinion that the matter was sub-judice due to some OAs filed by Direct Recruits in CAT and in which some promotees have also got impleaded. The matter will be studied and a decision will be taken.

As regards, Group C & D, necessary instruction will be issued by Board to CCIT(CCA) to publish seniority list as on 01st January, every year.

4. Transfer DCIT / ACIT (who have completed 2 years cooling period and with spouse / medical / compassionate grounds, etc.).

Board stated that this will be possible only at the time of promotion   from ITO to ACIT and consequent transfer.


5. Fill up all vacant posts in the Department.

Board is trying to decentralize the recruitment process for IT Dept. In this direction a committee has already been constituted.


6. Conduct DPC for ACIT for RY 2009-10 immediately and Start the work for RY2010-11, DPC for DCIT as on 01/01/2010 and DPC for Jt. CIT for IRS of 2000 & 2001 batch.

The Official side stated the oft-repeated statement that the date for  DPC for ACIT will be obtained from the UPSC during the month of July.  No firm commitment of the date and effecting promotion was brought in the meeting. As regards, DCIT to JCIT – UPSC has rejected Board's proposal for Ad-hoc promotion. The balance ACRs which are below bench-mark will be corrected by the end of July, with active follow-up from the Board and then a proposal for regular DPC will be sent to UPSC, who have stated to give an early date.

As for ACIT to DCIT as on 01.01.2010 – There is a deficiency of around 90 ACRs , which again has been put-up in the official website. 


7. Resolve Pay Anomalies arising out of 6th CPC & Grant Grade pay of Rs.4,800/- to Private Secretaries and Administrative officers.

8. After 4 Years of service ITO, AO, PS & Sr. PS must be placed in PB-3 with Grade Pay of Rs. 5400.

a. Anomaly between direct recruit & promotee in various grades of staff, a letter has already been sent to Dept. of Expenditure as required by the ITEF.

b. As regards GP of 4800 to AO & PS & 5400 after 4 years in PB-3 to ITO/AO/PS & Sr.PS, a proposal with proper justification will be sent to Dept. of Expenditure.


9. Implement the cadre composition as suggested by ITEF based on 6th CPC report.

The Staff Side brought to the notice of the chairman that the issue was discussed with the DG(HRD) more than two times but no progress has been registered .  The DG (HRD) promised to finalise the matter shortly and place the proposal before the board. Copy of the proposal so placed before the Board  would be given to the ITEFand its views taken into consideration before the issue is finalised.


10. Honour the agreement with JCA on the Departmental Exams.

No finality has reached on this subject.  The response of the Board is that further discussion is necessary on this issue between ITEF and DG (admn).


11. Dispose of all vigilance cases pending beyond one year.

Board stated that of late, no vigilance cases are being initiated in the last 6 months of one's career, except in exceptional cases, where CBI or CVC has given any direction/advice. Instruction for expediting the pending cases will be issued by Board.


12. Expedite the proposals submitted by Cadre Review Committee in toto.

The JCA made it clear that though the proposal by the Committee constituted for this purpose was submitted to the Board  way back in July 2009, the formal proposal to the Govt. has not been submitted by the Board.  The Stand of the Board is that another committee to draft the final proposal has been formed and the work is in progress.


From the above it will be seen that there is no preparedness on the part of CBDT to redress the genuine & just demands of promotee officers and staff of I.T. Dept.


Therefore, JCA is left with no alternative but to continue with our agitational programme including one day's token strike on 15/07/2010 for which a strike notice has already been served on the CBDT. Further, intensification of agitation in the form of Non-cooperation with regard to Search & Survey (including TDS verification/education etc will commence  from 20/07/2010.


JCA of all regions are therefore requested to implement the agitational call given by JCA (CHQ) and make the program a total success.