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Dated: 09.09.2010

Dear Comrade,

                                    The mammoth Strike of 7th September 2010 by

                                    The Indian Working Class:


            We had been able to get the report of the Strike Participation from all our Circles only  by today. In almost all States, the Strike participation was total and cent percent, with the sole exception of Delhi  .  No strike was organized by the Delhi Circles. We were informed by the Kerala Circle that despite the total Bundh in the State a few employees did venture to attend office. Com Seshadri, the Circle General Secretary, Tamilnadu Circle  has  reported that a few employees belonging to SC/ST community attended  office at Madurai, Tuticorin and Theni as a matter of protest to the clause included in  the Examination Rules notified a few days back, giving improvement chances to them. We have written to him separately  to inform them that ITEF CHQ has no role in the matter. The Baroda Unit of Gujarat Circle reported that 4 employees attended the office on 7th at Baroda led by Com. Pankaj Saxena, former Zonal Secretary, ITEF.  Rajasthan and Gujarath have also reported the attendance of a few probationer Tax Assistants in some Stations.  Barring these stray cases, the strike in all parts of the country elicited the total participation of our members.


            The Circle General Secretary of West Bengal Circle has intimated us that the strike on 7th September, 2010 had the participation of all members of the ITGOA at Kolkata.  The Circle General Secretary of Mumbai Circle has also reported the participation of a good number of the members of the ITGOA in the strike at Mumbai.  We convey our sincere thanks and gratitude  to the leaders at the State and Branch levels and  through them to our members for the strenuous efforts in organizing the strike and making it a  grand success. We also request our Comrades to convey our thanks to the leaders of the other sister organizations who had helped in organizing the strike in many places.

            It has been brought to our notice that canards are being spread about us over the withdrawal of the JCA programme of non-co-operation.  Because of the delay in receiving the approved version of the Central JCA circular from ITGOA, we could not circulate it on 31st i.e. immediately after sending the SMS to all our Circle General Secretaries.  We could get back it only on 3rd September, 2010.  Since we had been busy with the preparation of the 7th September, strike action (4th and 5th being closed holidays) we could not place the approved version of the Central JCA communication on our website.  We may inform in this connection that the decision to call off the ongoing agitational programme of non participation in search, survey and seizure operations was taken on 31st evening unanimously by the leaders of the Central JCA after going into the outcome of the discussions we had with the Member (P) on that day.  There had been no differences of opinion amongst any members who attending the meeting on 31st evening.  We enclose a copy of the Central JCA communication signed by both the Convenors.

            Enclosed to this letter is the notice for the meeting of the ITEF CHQ Secretariat to be held on 2nd October, 2010 at our Head quarters.  The Circle General Secretaries are requested to kindly intimate their views on the agenda items before Ist October, 2010 so as to enable the Secretariat to deliberate the issues and take appropriate decisions.

            We also send herewith a copy of the Press Statement issued by us on 7th .

            With greetings,

Yours fraternally,



Ashok B. Salunkhe

Secretary General



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M/12/2010.                                                                                          Dated: 01.09.2010.

Dear Comrades,

            Official minutes of our discussions with the Chairman-CBDT held on 04.08.2010, was displayed on dept.'s official website on 11/08/2010 and corrections/ amendments required therein, was immediately pointed out by JCA and corrected minutes was received on 27/08/2010, where most of our suggestions were incorporated.

JCA representatives met the Member (P), CBDT on 31/08/2010 and the progress made in the settling the 12 point Charter of Demands was reviewed. The status of issues appearing in the JCA's Charter of Demand is briefly given in the Annexure enclosed. 

Resentment of employees and officers over the inordinate delay in settling issues expressed admirably both in the one day strike on 15.07.2010 and subsequently in the non-cooperation movement, especially by members posted in the Investigation Wing, had its desired impact.  What had not been addressed in the past two years, for no ostensible reasons, have now come to the forefront of consideration of the Board, as can be seen from the progress indicated against each of the issues in the annexure.  This apart, the Member (P) agreed to have formal meeting with JCA representatives in the last week of every month to ensure that all issues and demands of employees and promotee officers are not allowed to go unattended on account of inaction. JCA was specifically asked to re-consider the ongoing agitational program, in view of the progress made and concrete/time-bound assurances, on the issues.

Considering the outcome of discussions with Member (P) and the progress on various issues, the JCA (CHQ) decided to call off the ongoing non-cooperation movement. We take this opportunity to profusely thank all members and leaders of all Circles and States of both ITEF & ITGOA, for striving their best and making the agitational program, a grand success.

                                                                                                Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                              Sd/-                    Sd/-

Ashok B. Salunkhe ; Rajesh Menon

                                                                                         Joint Convenors.

Annexure  to  JCA's  Circular  dated  01/09/2010

1.      Functioning of CPC. Agreed to go by the agreement between CBDT and JCA.  Further discussion to find solution will be held after 10.09.2010.  Human Resource Directorate will be asked to undertake evaluation of manpower in the Department for the care-taking staff.


2.      (a) Reimbursement of Mobile Phone Charges.  Discussion with BSNL is in progress to implement the scheme approved by the Finance Minister.  It may take one more month to implement the scheme.  In any case, the scheme will be operationalised by October, 2010.

(b) Efforts are being taken to justify the requirement of Laptops to other Officers like AO, PS/Sr PS etc. to get the Govt.'s sanction.

3.   Civil list of IRS Officers will be released within a week's time.

4.   Proposal has been sent for financial approval to provide one more computers to each ward/circle and two computers to each range.

5.   The transfer of ACIT/DCIT who have completed 2 years cooling period will be considered at the time of posting order after promotion of ACIT for RY 2009-10.

6.   Framing of Recruitment Rules for the Multi Tasking Staff is in the final stage.  On its approval, the existing vacancies will be filled up.

7.   DPC for ACIT for the year 2009-10 is over and the orders will be issued before 15/09/2010.  Preparation for DPC for RY 2010-11 is in the final stage and proposal will be submitted to UPSC immediately after issuing promotion of 2009-10.  Promotion orders for DCIT will be issued by 15/09/2010.  DPC for the post of JCIT will be held in the second half of September, 2010 i.e. between 20th  & 25th .

8/9.Pay anomaly matter between the Direct recruits and promotees has already been taken up and the same is being pursued with the Dept. of Exp. ITGOA's note on justification of upgradation of Pay of AO/PS and PB-3 to all Group 'B' Officers after 4 years of service, will also be suitably pursued by the Board.

10. Cadre composition of Group C Staff as suggested by the ITEF requires further clarification and discussion.  Next meeting will take place on 29/09/2010.

11. Notification for Deptl. Examination 2010 has been issued incorporating the suggestions given by ITEF.

12. Pending vigilance cases will be disposed off shortly.  JCA to give list cases, which are pending for long time.

13. Report of the Committee on Cadre Review & Restructuring of the I.T. Dept. has been sent to the Revenue Secretary, whose approval is awaited. Thereafter, it will pursued with other Govt. Agencies.




Manishinath Bhawan,  A/2/95, Rajouri Garden,

New Delhi 110 027

Telephone No : 2510 5324 Telefax 2513 1593

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Dated 09th Sept. 2010.


            Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Secretariat of the ITEF, CHQ will be held on 2nd  October, 2010 Manishi Nath Bhawan, A-2/95, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, at 11.00AM to discuss the following agenda.


1.  Review of ITEF Participation in the General Strike action on 7th Sept.2010.

2. Review of functioning of the JCA in the light of the withdrawal of ITGOA for the Strike action.

3.  Organizational review .

4. The Charter of demands steps to be taken in relation thereof.

5. Financial position of the ITEF and related issues.

6. Any other matter with permission of the chair.



Ashok B. Salunkhe,

Secretary General. 

To All CHQ. Secretariat Members.

Members of Advisory committee, Chairman Disciplinary committee, Chairman Election  Commission