Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Circular 3/2011


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President: K.P. Rajagopal. Secretary General: Ashok B Salunkhe


Dated: 19th April.2011

Dear Comrade,

The Quarterly review meeting with the Chairman, CBDT took place today the 19th April, 2011 at 4 pm. The following issues raised by the ITEF were subjected to discussion and the outcome of the discussion on each issue is given below:

1. Equal distribution of vacancies among Administrative-field formation and Directorates.

Agreed to. Appropriate Instructions will be issued to the CCIT(CCA) by the Board.

2. Mobile Hand Set” as token gift on the occasion of “150 years of Income Tax” celebration.

The Chairman,offered to give not only mobile handset and a coin brought out to commemorate the 150 years of the functioning of the Income-tax Dept. as a gift to all employees.

3. Advance increment to Sr.TA and Stgr.II on passing Deptl.Exam for Inspectors

The Board has assured to take up the matter with the Dept. of Expenditure for their approval.

4. Sufficient allocaton of funds for Medical, Travelling and Conveyance allowances.

The Chairman appreciated the difficulties in the allocation of fund under Medical, Conveyance etc. The Board will approach the Finance Minister to obtain sufficient budget allocation.

5. Regional recruitment & postings for Direct Recruitment posts.

It was informed that the Govt. has already agreed to have the MTS recruitment on regional basis. In respect of other cadres, it was informed that the matter has already been taken up with the Govt.

6. Departmental examination to be conducted during June-July every year

The results will be published by end of April. All Examinations in this year will be held in the month of August, 2011. On the question of grace mark in Advance Accountancy, the Chairman has asked the Directorate to look into the matter.

7. Functioning of Local Placement Committee – Transfer to be made on the basis of guidelines framed in the JCM Meetings/Discussion with the Federation.

While the placement committee will not be disbanded, the Chairman assured that instructions will be issued to all CCIT(CCA) to abide by the transfer guidelines in consultation with the representatives of ITEF.

8. Accommodating personnel promoted as OS and Stgr. In the same station since no financial benefit is allowed on such promotions.


9. To restore Special Pay provisions in the areas where it was available

Agreed to take up the matter with the Dept. of Expenditure

10. Zonal Accounts Offices be manned by Income Tax Department in the true sense of departmentalization of accounting system.

In the present dispensation the Chairman stated that it will be difficult to take over the accounting functions by the Department. However, he assured to take up specific problem of harassment with the Chief Controller of Accounts. The question of acceding to the Demand might arise only when the Govt. accept the full autonomy of the Department.

11. Infrastructure-

Desktop computer will be provided to the employees as assured by the Board in the earlier meetings. Instructions will be immediately issued to the CCITs to procure the required number of Computers. The CCITs will be authorized to purchase the required number of Air Conditioners to provide better working conditions to the employees.

12. Vigilance Cases: The Chairman has assured that all the pending vigilance cases will be disposed off immediately.

13. Petrol Allowance: The increase of reiumbersement of petrol charges to Inspectors 50 ltrs and Notice servers 25 ltrs. will be earnestly taken up with the Finance Minister.

In view of the positive assurances on the above issues by the Chairman, CBDT, we have reciprocated that all cooperation will be extended in the matter of clearance of pending refunds.

We are happy to inform all of you that the ITEF Gujrath Circle has come forward to host the XXVIII All India Conference of the Income-tax Employees Federation. The probable place of conference will be Silvasa (UT) and the same will be in the month of February, 2012. Detailed communication will be issued by the ITEF Gujrat Circle. As you all are aware that the Gujrat Circle has taken a huge responsibility, all possible assitantce and helps are to be extended to that circle to conduct the Conference in a decent manner. We therefore, request you all to do your best in collecting the Advertisement for the souvenir and extent your co-operation in all other matters.

With greetings

Yours fraternally

Ashok B Salunkhe

Secretary General