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Cir. No. 47/2008                                                                                 Dated: 26.09.2008


            We confirm having sent you the following message on 24th. The Departmental Examination for inspectors and others have been postponed. The DIT's letter in F-No. DE(20)(8)/2007 /DIT dated 24.08.2008 is enclosed .

            As you are aware we had been pressing hard for the relaxation of the rules, where by candidates who have crossed the age of 55 and availed more than 10 chances could take up the 2008 Examination This was promised by the board on various occasions in formal and informal meetings but was ultimately rejected when the full Board met twice for considering this issue. We had to take up the matter once again and after a fruitful discussion with the member [P] on 24th it was decided to postpone the examination to be held in November 2008 with the requisite relaxation.

            You may kindly advise the members that this would be the last chance available and therefore prepare for examination in all seriousness with the extended time now available. We are awaiting the Directorate's revised schedule and instructions in this regard.

            We met the chairman and secretary ( R) on 25th on behalf of the central JCA to discuss the 6th CPC related issues. The presentation made by us before the board and secretary( Revenue) is appended hereto.  On 24th the CoC of organizations in the Department of revenue met to explore a common approach. The recognized Federations/ associations in the CBEC have met their authorities on 25th. We shall now await the outcome of this effort. The COC is scheduled to meet again on 20th Oct. 2008 at Mumbai and review the progress in this regard and chalk out programatic actions in pursuance of these demands.

            On various other departmental issues, which are included in the charter of demand of the JCA, there is not much improvement to report except that chairman has ordered that the reimbursement of mobile phone charges should be extended to all employees. This direction has however not been translated into specific orders enabling the employees to get the benefit thereon. We therefore request that all attempts be made to make the progrance of action, which are to commence from 1.10.2008 a success. All attempts may be made to make it a joint and united action by the members of ITGOA and ITEF and if for any reason the participation of members of ITGOA could not be elicited   the program must be carried out independently.


                        With greetings

Yours fraternally



Secretary General

Directorate of Income-tax(Income-tax)

Centrral Board of Direct Taxes,

Mayur Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001



F.No.DE(20)(8)/2007/DIT                                                                        Dated: 24/09/08





All Chief Commissioners of Incometax(CCA)

All CCITs/CITs(Incharge of Exam)





            Sub: Departmental Examinations-2008 for it is and ITOs-Postponement reg-


            I am directed to refer to the decision of the CBDT in F.No.DE(2)(8)/2007/DIT on the above subject and to state that the Departmental Examination -2008 for ITOs and it is scheduled to commence from 25-09-08 stands postponed.  Further communications in this regard would follow.


2.         Necessary appropriate steps may be taken, including informing the candidates, the Observers/Chief Invigilators and others concerned. Observers may be instructed to proceed to their respective stations.


Yours faithfully,


(Vimal I Mehta)

DDIT(Exams), New Delhi