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Dared: 14th September,2008.


Notice is hereby given for a meeting of the Central Working Committee of the ITEF on 18th October, 2008 at 10.30 A.M at C.R. Building, IP estate, New Delhi, to discuss the following agenda. All CWC members are requested to kindly attend the meeting.


1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting of the CWC held on 29th April,2008 at Manishinath Bhawan, New Delhi.

2. Consideration of the Confederation directive of going for indefinite strike on VI-CPC related common issues.

3. Consideration of Departmental specific issues on VI-CPC implementation and action programme thereof.

4. Review of programme of action of JCA.

4. Any other issue of urgent nature with the permission of the Chair.

K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General


All the CWC members and the members of the CHQ Sectt. Chairmen of Deciplinary Committee and Election Commission. It is advised that only Office bearers of ITEF CHQ and the Circle President and Circle General Secretaries will attend the Working Committee.

K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General


Manishinath Bhawan, A/2/95, Rajouri Garden,

New Delhi 110 027

Telephone No : 2510 5324 Telefax 2513 1593

e-mail : Mobile 98110 48303

X-11/2008 Dated : 15.09.2008

Dear Comrade,

CHQ. Secretariat meeting of 14.09.2008 and decisions-

The ITEF CHQ Sect. met on 14.09.2008. Taking into account the large number of absentees, it was decided that the Secretariat members, who are unable to attend the meeting should intimate the Secretary General in advance as also their views/opinion on the agenda items, so that the meeting will have proper representation. The following decisions were taken at the meeting.

a) The Draft Charter of Demands to be presented at the JCA meeting was finalized (please see the JCA draft circular letter enclosed)

b) The feasibility of the programe of action was discussed and it was decided:

that a mass deputation to be taken to all CCsIT on 23rd Sept. 2008 to highlight the demand for proper utilization of infrastructure fund and to press the demand for relaxation of examination rules and submission of charter of demand.

c) To commence the non-cooperation movement from Ist October, 2008 including stoppage of submission of reports and survey operation including TDS Surveys/verficiation.

d) Black flag demonstration before visiting Board Members and Chairman on their first visit after 01-10-2008;

e) To ask all the Circle Gl. Secretaries to send the following telegram to Chairman on 15th Morning itself and to call on the Chairman to demand the issuance of relaxation order in respect of Deptl. Exam.


f) To ensure that the recommendation for upgradation of the Grade Pay in respect of Inspectors, AO-III and PS as per the notification is acted upon immediately and consequent orders issued by the Board.

g) To include the demand for ungradation of TAs and Steno Gr.III as Executive Assistant in the Charter of Demand for ongoing action programme either under the auspices of JCA or COC of organizations under Dept. of Revenue.

h) To send in a communication to the Chairman indicating the impracticability of re-employment of retired personnel: (Copy of letter addressed to Chairman is enclosed)

i) To convene the CWC meeting at Delhi on 18th Oct. 2008 to carry out the directive of the Confederation (notice enclosed).

j) To ratify the decisions to collect a working fund of Rs 100/- for ITEF and Confederation and State COCs, from the salary arrears as already communicated.

Kindly see the enclosed draft circular letter of Central JCA which contains the decisions taken at the JCA meeting held today. Please ensure that the programme of action, as chalked out is implemented with full participation of our members.

Yours fraternally,


Secretary General.

To : All Secretariat Members of the ITEF and Circle Gl. Secretaries with enclosures.

Draft Charter of Demands

  1. Immediate implementation of the suggestions made by the JCA in respect of utilization of infrastructure fund.
  2. RR of Gr. D. employees be amended as agreed upon.Notify the RR of Inspectors as Group B (Non-Gazetted)
  3. Implement the 3 awards granted in 1998 by Board of arbitration

a) FR22(1) (a) (I) benefit to farrash Mali, Sweeper etc. on promotion as peon.

b) Special pay for Inspectors posted in Central circle & in Sr. AR(ITAT)'s office.

c) F.R 22(1)(a)(1) benefit for all inspectors on revision of the pay Scale in 1980.

4. Relax the eligibility criterion for Deptl. Exam. 2008 to allow all candidates who have crossed the age of 55 years and availed ten chances.

b)Reduce the pass marks for Inspectors Exam. to 40 and Ministerial Staff Exam. at 35, as has been done in the case of ITOs Examination..

  1. Central Processing Units.

The agreement betwesen the Board and Staff Unions on 23/07/2007 to be adhered to, both in letter and spirit.

  1. Regularisation of Daily rated workers who have put in ten years of service,as per DOPT order.
  2. Implement the interim order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court dated 20-03-2006 in SLO© No.9181-9185/2005 .
  3. Impart training to all employees and Officers on system related changes.

Manishinath Bhawan, A/2/95, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi 110 027
Telephone No : 2510 5324 Telefax 2513 1593
e-mail : Mobile 98110 48303

N-1/2008 Dated : 15.09.2008

Shri N.B.Singh,
Central Board of Direct Taxes,
North Block,
New Delhi-110 001.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Re-engagement of retired personnel in the Department- Regarding-

Kindly refer to your DO letter addressed to the Chief Commissioners on the above subject.
In this connection we are to bring to your kind notice that the re-engagement of Inspectors who are retired is not desirable in as much as the Inspector of Income-tax is one of the prescribed authority under the IT Act and are entrusted with statutory functions. This apart, we do not have unmanageable deficiency of manpower in the cadre of Inspectors in any charge. Besides the Staff Selection Commission has already given dockets for filling up the present vacancies in the Cadre of Inspectors and the allocation has also been made amongst various charges.
In the cases of Tax Assistants and Stenographers Gr. III, it may be stated that there is no likelihood of anybody retiring on superannuation as TA or Steno Gr.III. The decision taken at the CCsIT Conference, for the above reasons is not practically feasible for implementation.
We, therefore request that instead of redeploying the retired personnel which is not practically feasible for the reasons stated above, Government agencies like employment exchanges may be approached for short term engagement of persons.

Thanking you,
Yours fraternally,

Secretary General.

Draft Circular letter of JCA

Dear Comrade,

The Central JCA met today to discuss the following agenda:

a) Finalisation of the Charter of Demands,

b) The course of Action

c) The VI CPC related issues

d) To finalise the strategy for achieving the pay related demands.

The Charter of demands finalized is enclosed. The programme of action decided upon is as under.

Programme of Action:

  1. 23rd Sept. 2008: Mass Deputation to CCIT with memorandum,
  2. From Ist October, 2008:

a) No statistical reports except Parliamentary Question, to be prepared/ submitted.

b) No survey including TDS Survey/verification to be conducted/participated

c) Demonstration on the first visit of Board Chairman/Members at all places, as decided by the State JCA

The meeting decided to pursue the demands formulated by ITEF and ITGOA and submitted to the Board and the Secretary (Revenue) immediately.

The JCA representatives will call on the Chairman to demand relaxation of Departmental Examination Rules on 15.9.2008. The Central JCA will meet again on 2nd Nov. 2008 to review and intensify the agitation if need be.

The constituents of the JCA are requested to advise their members to carry out the above programme with cent percent participation.

With greetings,