Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Circular No.5/2009

Dear Comrade,
Placed hereunder is the itef circular No.5/2009 of date.


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Telefax. 2510 5321; 6543 1807


President: K.P. Rajagopal.                                        Secretary General: Ashok B Shalunke.


Cir. No. 5/2009.                                                                                       Dated: 14.04.2009.


Dear Comrade,


1.         We reproduce hereunder the minutes of the discussion in the last formal meeting with the Chairman which was held on 4.3.2009, on the question of allotment of funds for Petrol allowance and Medical reimbursement.  The minutes are self explanatory in so much so that our representatives could not counter the vague and misleading statement made by the Official side in this regard. 


The Staff side indicated that adequate funds have not been provided for medical reimbursement and petrol allowance.


The Official side {CIT(C&S)} stated that enough funds have been provided for the purpose.  However, due to lack of coordinated action, funds have even lapsed/remained unutilized at some places.  It was agreed that CCsIT should make clear and realistic projections and demands and distribute the funds properly to ensure that the funds are not lapsed.


The above statement was primarily due to the reason that we had not been supplied with the necessary information/data from your end.  We therefore, request you to kindly supply us with the following details immediately  on receipt of this letter so that this issue could be taken up with Board in a meaningful manner.  .


I.                    Petrol Allowance to IITs

i)                    No. of Inspectors in your Charge (working strength)

ii)                   Whether petrol allowance is being claimed and given to all Inspectors and if not the reason thereof.

iii)                 The amount required for grant of petrol allowance @ 30 Ltr. Per month (cost being worked out as Rs. 50/ per ltr.)

iv)                 Ascertain the requirement of funds indicated/demanded by the respective CCsIT to the Board.

II    Medical reimbursement.


a)      Amount of medical reimbursement/claim raised through bills in your charge during 2008-09.      

b)      The amount sanctioned during the year 2008-09.

c)      The amount demanded/required for the year 2009-10. 


The Circle Secretaries may supply the details CCsIT/DGsIT- wise of the circle as the funds under the above heads are allotted to the CCsIT/DGsIT-wise and not to the CCsIT(CCA) alone.


2.         We reproduce hereunder the copy of OM No. F.No.7(1)E.Coord/2008 Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure dated 10th December, 2008 which authorizes the Departments concerned to purchase/replace old/condemned vehicles.  You may kindly take up the matter with the concerned Chief Commissioners to send necessary proposals to the Board for purchase of New Vehicles against the condemned ones so that the drivers who are presently placed on off duty for want of vehicles may be gainfully employed.


3.         You are aware that during the All India Conference all the Circles are required to give the exact number of members in the credential forms based on which the membership & renewal fee is calculated for the next three years.  It is seen from the credential forms filled up by the Circles at the XXVIIth Conference, that the required information is either not given or incorrectly given by most of the Circles. Further, as the Conference has amended the constitution increasing the renewal fees on Pay Band wise from 2009-10 onwards, we have prepared from the records available with us, the membership of each circle Pay Band wise. We have also indicated the membership of Gr.D cadres wherever separate Group D Circle exist.  You are requested to go through the same and intimate the CHQ. any discrepancy or omissions (like Hindi Translator etc, whose details are not available with us) may be brought to our notice at the earliest and and not later than 15th May, 2009.  In case no intimation is received, the statement prepared by the CHQ will be taken as the membership of that circle  for the purpose of computation of renewal fees.


            Kindly ensure that the renewal fee is deducted @ Rs. 30/- and 20/- for PB 2 and PB1 respectively, during the month of April, 2009 by all DDOs and remitted to the CHQ.




With greetings,


Yours fraternally,

(Ashok B Shalunke)

Secretary General)









Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Expenditure

E-Coord Branch.


New Delhi, the 10th December, 2008.




Subject:            Replacement of Government vehicles by Ministries/ Departments.



In partial relaxation of economy measures issued vide this Department's OM No. of even dated 5.6.2008, it has been decided that Ministries/Departments may be allowed to replace vehicles which are due for replacement as per norms subject to availability of budget, without referring such proposals to the Department of Expenditure.




(Madhulika P. Sukul)

Joint Secretary (pers.)



Secretaries of all Ministries/ Departments

All Financial Advisers.

Prime Minister's Office (Shri Kamal Dayani, Director) w.r.t. ID No. 2w70/31/C/13/08-ESI dated 5.12.2008.

Copy to PPS to Secretary (Expenditure).