Sunday, July 25, 2010

Circular 32


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President: K.P. Rajagopal.                     Secretary General: Ashok B Shalunke


Dated: 21.07.2010

Dear Comrade,

                                                Departmental  Examintion 2010

            The finer points concerning the conduct of examination 2010 was discussed with theDIT(IT) Examination and the other officials of the Directorate on 20th inst.  The consensus arrived at is as under:


1.      Most of the points we submitted for the consideration of the conduct of examinationm2010 have been accepted.  Wherever there had been some differences, those were subjected to discussion and the following agreement has been reached.

2.      Ministerial Staff Examination.  The Exam this year will be under the old pattern.  The changes we had suggested in the new syllabus could be further discussed and agreement reached before the 2011 Examination.

3.      Inspectors Examination.  The final decision is that exemption would be granted for those papers cleared by the candidates under the old pattern. They will only take up those papers which are identified as analogous under the new scheme  to the papers under the old pattern. (Please see our letter to the Director dated 13th July, 2010.

4.      In the case of ITOs examination, those who are yet to clear the I.T Law paper I and II under the old scheme will have to take up Paper I and IV under the new scheme. The papers cleared under the old scheme would be exempted.  The various papers identified under the new scheme  as analogous to the papers under the old pattern vide our letter of 13th in all other cases have been accepted.

5.      Those who seek exemption in the papers already cleared will have to write those papers that are not cleared under the new patter identified as analogous, but in their case the conditions of the old examination rules will apply.

6.      In the case of Inspectors examination, the candidate would be required to obtain 50% to clear the paper had they availed the exemption.

7.      In the case of ITOs examination those who are to clear the O.P. paper, the Directorate will prepare an objection question paper in O.P. especially for those candidates.  

8.      The scheme so evolved will be in operation in perpetuity till the candidates who have availed the exemption pass the remaining papers or till such time they exhaust the number of changes or are age barred.

9.      The scheme is made applicable only for those who are to clear any two subjects.  In other words, those who are to clear more than two papers will have to write all the papers under the new scheme 

10.  In order to enable the Directorate to prepare for the agreed scheme and enlist the fresh candidates who would now become eligible to take up the examination, the examination schedule is likely to be postponed to commence from 25th October, 2010 The intervening  Saturday has been agreed to be a working day for the examinees in order to ensure that all the three examinations are completed by 2nd November, 2010.

11.  The Directorate will announce the  scheme after obtaining the requisite approval from the CBDT.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,



Ashok B. Salunkhe

Secretary General