Monday, July 19, 2010

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M/12/ 2010


Dated: 17.07.2010


Dear Comrades,




As in many earlier occasions, the one day strike on 15.7.2010 organised under the banner of the Joint Council of Action was a tremendous success for we could elicit total participation of all employees and officers in the strike action. As per the report received, barring a few comrades in Kerala and Nagpur the entire membership of both the Federation abided by the call. There was   some misunderstanding in the said two regions, which resulted in very few employees attending office.  Barring these two stray cases, the offices throughout the country, remained virtually deserted except a few IRS officers here and there. The strike has once again demonstrated our unity, strength and determination to fight injustice.  We place our sincere gratitude and thanks to all those comrades who made strenuous efforts to make this feat possible and congratulate the entire membership of ITEF and ITGOA, which together constitute the Joint Council of Action, for the repeated performance of a cent percent strike action.

The strike action, as you are all aware was conceived to demonstrate the growing discontent and frustration of our members over the inordinate delay in addressing the issues of the employees and promotee officers by the Central Board of Direct Taxes.  While the top echelons in the hierarchy and their brethren in the IRS garners all privileges, perks and benefits that come in the wake of achievements acquired by the untiring efforts of the employees and promote officers,  in the matter of reaching higher collection targets, the speedy redresses of the grievances of the tax paying public; expeditious processing of the returns of income; completing the assessment proceedings et all, the genuine grievances or problems and the legitimate demands of the vast section of the employees and officers are allowed to everlastingly pend. 

It is all the more appropriate that the strike action took place during the period when  the entire central Government employees were organising functions to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first strike action of 1960, which commenced on 12th July, 1960 and ended on 16th July, 1960.  We can be  proud of the fact that we decided to remember and pay homage in the most befitting manner to the leaders of the 1960 strike action, whose courage and conviction is written in golden letters, by organising the strike action on 15th July, 2010

The demands in pursuance of which we organised the one day strike was the subject matter of discussions with the Chairman on 28th June, 2010 and on many early occasions. Assurances were held out. But no settlement was brought about.  It is now more than two years that the promotions  to the cadre of Assistant Commissioners have been effected; despite obtaining the requisite relaxation in the residency period the promotion to the level of Joint Commissioner has not been ordered with cascading impact down the line; despite that the dreaded ADR scheme has been withdrawn, no recruitment is being effected  especially in the lower grades in the care taking cadre; the Bangalore CPC continue to be manned by outsiders inspite of an agreement to the contrary reached way back in 2008.  Even the order stepping up of pay to address the issue of discrimination in the matter of pay fixation between the Direct Recruits and Promotee officials has not been issued giving an impression that the creation of the Directorate of HRD has only slowed down the pace of disposal of matters pertaining to the employees. The publication of civil list a procedural administrative requirement has been given a go by since 2006.

We are aware that the one day strike even after its total success will not be sufficient to create sanctions on the CBDT. Our second phase of action must, therefore, commence as detailed in our last circular letter from 20th July, 2010 i.e. Continued agitation before Chairman & Members, CBDT during their visit and Non-Cooperation in the Search & Seizure u/s 132 and Survey u/s. 133A (including TDS Survey/Verification/Enquiry by whatever name called).  Unlike the one day strike, the Non-Cooperation will call for constant monitoring, incessant persuasion; vigilant and effective intervention to avoid the inherent inter-personnel conflicts.  We have to perforce face the daunting challenge. ITEF & ITGOA together are capable of acquitting ourselves creditably.  Any clarification required in the matter of implementation of the Non-Cooperation movement may be sought from the Joint Convenors through their respective e mails.  We shall respond immediately. 

Thanking one and all, once again, for the excellent manner in which the strike was organised and appealing to all of you to jointly move to make the second phase of the agitational programme strong enough, so that we get our just demands conceded. The Central JCA will review the situation, in the first week of August 2010 and will inform on further course of action.    

With greetings,


Yours fraternally,

Ashok Salunkhe & Rajesh Menon

Joint Convenors.