Tuesday, July 27, 2010

JCA Circular


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Dated: 27.07.2010


We write this in continuation of our letter of even No. dated 31/05/2010, wherein we had conveyed the decision taken at the joint meeting of the two Federations to mount a non-co-operation movement in pursuance of the charter of demands. In this connection we solicit your kind reference to the discussion the representatives of the two Federations had with you on 28th June, 2010, when we were assured that


(a) The DPC for promoting the eligible ITOs as Assistant Commissioners would be held by the end of July, 2010 and proposal as regards DCIT to JCIT will be finalised by 31st July 2010 as indicated by the Chairman, UPSC.


(b) The scheme for extending telephone facilities to all employees and officers of the Department within the existing financial outflow in this regard would be finalised in a week's time;

(c) The question of outsourcing of functions of the Department necessitated due to the shortage of manpower would be discussed and settled if the ITEF draws out scheme and submit the same to the Member (Per). Such a scheme has been submitted to the Member (P) by ITEF:


(d) Instructions would be issued to all field formations to fill up the existing vacancies in various grades in the care taking staff cadres;


(e) The CBDT will explore the possibilities of engaging daily rated workers through Employment Exchange till such time the requisite number of posts are created;


(f) The Director General will cause discussion in the matter of conducting the Departmental Examinations 2010 with the representatives of the ITEF and will reach an agreement in the matter. The issue was discussed and consensus arrived at; but

the matter is stated to be pending for the Board's approval;


(g) The other issues in the charter like publishing of Civil List etc., would be settled by mutual discussion within a stipulated time frame;

In none of the issues finality has been reached so far. In the meantime, the Department went ahead with organising functions throughout the country to celebrate the 150th year of the functioning of the Income tax Department . No doubt some of the Chief Commissioners did extend invitations to the State Units of the two Federations eliciting their co-operation and participation. Despite the fact that we had taken the decision to be on agitation with a non-co-operation movement, we advised our unit to extend all co-operation in the matter as we are equally proud of belonging to Income tax Department. However we regret to inform you that the CBDT did not deem it fit to either write to us or elicit our participation in any of the functions, even though these two recognized Federations do represent the large majority in fact more than 98% of the I. T. Personnel.


We have been informed by our State Unit that the CBDT has now decided to keep open the office, especially the return counters on 31st July, 2010, even though it happens to be a closed day. Since this being a requirement to reach out the tax paying public and an obligation on the part of the Department, we are to inform you that we have advised all our unit to do everything possible to ensure that the tax paying public are provided with all facilities to file the return of income on 31st. However, we shall be grateful if the CBDT could issue necessary instructions to all the Chief Commissioners of Income tax, to provide all facilities, viz. transportation, food etc, to all the personnel drafted for duty on 31stjuly, 2010. We also hope that the CBDT will do well to settle the aforementioned issues as promised at the meeting of the 28th June, 2010 expeditiously so that a conducive atmosphere for the well-functioning of the department could be created.


Yours faithfully,

Ashok Salunkhe / Rajesh Menon

Joint Convenors