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ITEF Circular.No.44


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Cir. No. 44/2008                                                                                 Dated: 08.08.2008


Dear Comrade,


Decisions of the Secretariat meeting held on 08.08.2008.


            The CHQ.Secretariat of the Federation met on 08.08.2008.  There were eight issues slated for discussion at the meeting.  Prior to the meeting of the Secretariat, the Central JCA had met to evaluate the outcome of the discussions the representatives of the two Federations had with the Chairman on 07.08.2008.  Given hereunder are the decisions agenda-wise taken at the meeting of the Secretariat.


Item No. 1 & 2: Out come of the discussion with Chairman,CBDT on 7.8.08 and

                          Central JCA meeting reporting.

Kindly see the JCA circular enclosed.  It could be seen there-from that the ITGOA has agreed to participate in the one day strike slated for 20.8.2008.  All the Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly keep in touch with the State leaders of the ITGOA and immediately submit a letter to the respective CCsIT(CCA) intimating the decision of the Central JCA to organize the strike action on 20.8.2008.


It may kindly be noted that Central JCA has decided to revive the programme of agitation which was suspended in December, 2007 on the basis of an assurances held out by the Chairman CBDT.  The Secretariat has regretfully noted that no settlement has been brought about even on a single item which was subject matter of discussion with the Chairman on a series of formal and informal meetings that have taken place from November, 2007 to 07.08.2008.  Even on 7.08.2008 no indication has been made by the Board on its willingness to revise the instruction on the utilization of infrastructure fund, a major chunk of which, as you are aware, has been appropriated for the benefit of the Officers of the Department.  The Secretariat has also decided to reiterate its resolve to oppose every  attempt on the part  of the authorities to outsource the Data Entry work of the returns.  The Secretariat noted that the back log of the work was due to the fact that the DG (Systems) could not bring about an appropriate software programme to process the return in time. 


Item No.3.Organisational issue-Vidharbha Gr.C. Circle.

The Sect. approved the proposal to set up an adhoc committee with Com. Manik Waghmore as convenor and 6 other members.  They would be directed to function as Secretariat of the ITEF, Vidharbha Circle, Group C. till 30.11.2008 and complete the democratic process of elections and constitute a validly elected secretariat by that date.


Item No. 4. The impending Strike action slated for 20.8.2008.

In order to mobilize the members of the ITEF and to ensure cent percent participation in the one day strike action on 20.8.2008, the Sect. decided to deploy the following comrades to various places and request the concerned Circles to organize Br. Secretaries meeting and General meeting at the State Capitals on 12th,13th and 14th August, 2008.



Com. K.K.N.Kutty.

Rajasthan and Bihar


Com. Baswanand

North Western Region


Com. P.V.Ramachandran.

U.P. Licknow & U.P.Kanpur


Com. Prikshit K.Vasudeva.

Madhya Pradesh. (After discussing with GS,MP Circle, the programe was dropped.)


Com. Ashok B. Salunkhe.

Gujarat and Pune


Com. K.P. Raj Gopal.

Hyderabad and Bangalore


Com. Barun  Goshal.



Com. Shambu Prasad.




Item No. 5 & 6. The development in common issues & Action Programme.

It was reported that the Committee Of Secretaries has not yet submitted their report to the Government on the VI-CPC report.  It was informed by the Secretary General that the Confederation might embark  upon prolonged agitational programe including strike if no satisfactory settlement is brought about on the issues raised by the staff-side of the JCM before the Government in their meeting on 17.05.2008.  This includes raising minimum wage, rate of increment, change in the fitment formula and certain other issues like pension etc.


Item No. 7. Federation CHQ. functioning – finance etc.

The urgent necessity of Secretarial assistance at the CHQ. in view of the impending All India Conference was discussed at length.  The possibility of getting Foreign Service facility for Com. K.P.Raj Gopal was also explored.  It was finally decided that Com. K.P.Raj Gopal will come over to CHQ. in November, 2008.  Com. Amitav Dey and Com. Rupak Sarkar will be at the CHQ. on rotation, to attend to the day to day functioning from Sept. 2008.


Item No.8: Any other matter.

Com. Barun Goshal stated that in the Internal Audit wing, personnel from the ranges were being deployed resulting in acute shortage of man power in the field offices.  He was of the opinion that we should demand additional staff for the newly created posts of CsIT (Audit).  The Secretary General informed the house that the issue had been subjected to discussion with the Board.  It has been informed by the Board that the personnel had been drawn to the Audit wing by abolishing the functions of the Tax Recovery Offices.


Com. Rupak Sarkar brought to the notice of the house that in the last Chief Comissioners conference a proposal had been mooted to elicit the services of retired personnel to make up the shortage of staff.  The meeting decided that the Federation should oppose any such attempt on the part of the Board as it amounts to outsourcing of the Departmental functions.


With greetings

Yours fraternally




Secretary General


N.B.    The Circle Secretaries are requested to furnish the following information regarding allocation of funds by return of Post.  For want of information the issue could not be taken up properly with the Chairman on 07.08.2008.





















LTA (Petrol Allowance)