Saturday, August 9, 2008

JCA Circular




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Joint Convenors,

K.K.N.Kutty & Rajesh D Menon.



M-12/2008                                                                                          Dated:9th Aug.2008.


Dear Comrade,


            The Central JCA met on 08.08.08 and reviewed the outcome of the discussion, the Federations Representatives had with the Chairman, CBDT on 7th instant.  Exceoting  holding out assurances, as before, not a single issue has been finally clinched.  It was stated by the Chairman that the promotions to the cadre of ACs  for the recruitment year 2007-08 and 2008-09 would be made by 31st August, 2008.  On the question of utilization of infrastructure fund, an issue on which the employees are agitated, no commitment was made by the Board to revise the present instructions.  The meeting came to the conclusion that the demands are to be now pursued through the course of a sustained agitational programe and decided:


a)      To convey to the Chairman the total disappointment over the course of negotiation and seek settlement of the issues by the end of August, through a resolution.

b)      To pursue the issues through a sustained agitational programe of action, which should commence from 4th Sept. 2008 through a joint Lunch hour demonstration to popularize the demands to be followed by:


i)                    A massive Dharna on 10.9.2008 in front of all CCsIT Office.

ii)                   Half-day walkout on 17th Sept, 2008 (post-lunch session)

iii)                 To commence the non-cooperation programe from 22.09.2008,which shall include stoppage of Survey and Submissions of Statistical reports etc.

iv)                 To review the action programe in the first week of October, 2008 to take appropriate decision.


The meeting also discussed the possibility of a joint strike action on 20th August, 2008 as a measure of creating the joint movement and to project the 6th CPC related issues amongst others.  After detailed deliberation it was decided that a joint Strike notice will be served on the CBDT and the ITGOA will advise its units to participate in the one day strike action slated for 20th August, 2008.  The copy of the Joint Strike notice sent to the Chairman CBDT is enclosed.  All circles and Branches and units of the two Federations are requested to jointly submit a copy of the above stated notice to the concerned CCIT (CCA) with a covering letter duly signed by the Circle/State Secretaries of ITGOA/ITEF.  The notice is kept on the website of both the Federations and the Circle/State Secretaries are requested to download the same for appropriate action.


            The copy of the common Charter of demands and the resolutions adopted at the meeting (and submitted to the Chairman,CBDT) will be sent to the Circles/Branches by 25th August, 2008.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally,



(Rajesh D Menon) (K.K.N.Kutty)

Joint Convenors.

To All State/Circle Secretaries of ITGOA and ITEF.






Manishi Nath Bhawan, A-2/95, Rahjouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027

Tel: 2510 5324 ,9811048303,9869504653



Dated:9th August,2008


The Chairman

Central Board of Direct Taxes,

North Block,

New Delhi.110001


Dear Sir,

            This is to give notice that the employees and officers who are the members of the Income Tax Employees Federation and Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association respectively will go on a day's strike on 20th August 2008. The demands in pursuance of which the employees will embark upon the one-day strike action are enclosed.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



(K.K.N.Kutty & Rajesh. D. Menon)

Joint Convenors
Kindly see the Charter of Demand already on the website.