Monday, August 11, 2008


Respected Vyasji & Kutty sab,
  Though the central govt. staff are happy about what you are writing in the website, unfortunate to mention that nothing is getting materialised.  COS submitted its report on 12th of last month.  It is almost a month since they have submitted to  PM.  But you did not get even the contents of the report. Is it a SECRET DOCUEMENT related to Defence of the country? When agreement 123 is kept in net, what is the secrecy about it? 
Try to fill the communication gap between us and Railway Federations.  After they are big group.  If they decide to agitate only, some thing will get materilised. 
Sitting in New Delhi, we expect you to lobby with Central Ministers and MPs in expediting the implementation. One single day is passed is proving very dearer to the staff as all the allowance are with prospective benefit and worst part of the story is that great speculation is in the air  mill about the effective date whether it is from 01-01-2006, 01-01-2007 or 01-01-2008? No one knows about this.  We are deprived of latest informations. 
We are all agitated of spending our valuable time in surfing many web sites for informations.  Atleast now establish good communication with Railway Federations and get the PC recommendations including allowances implemented from 01-01-2006 or else the faith and trust on the senior and effecient and intellictuals like you all will vanish soon.
All Central government staff including
Railway staff.